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Jekyll and Hyde differentiated full SOW - 22 lessons!

Jekyll and Hyde differentiated full SOW - 22 lessons!

This is a full scheme of work with 22 lessons for ‘The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde’ based on the AQA spec. It’s suitable for KS4, all abilities, having tasks and challenge tasks on the vast majority of slides. Having taught it twice through with someone else’s SOW, I wanted to create something comprehensive for my class this year. This scheme of work has been developed whilst reading through the book, picking out quotations as I’ve gone (and included them on the powerpoints). There are help boxes for those that need it, as well as challenge tasks that are accessible for all. Resources are provided in the lessons, apart from the extracts that have been photocopied from the books (but the page numbers are given). There’s also an intro lesson, as well as some lessons on themes of the novella and analysing structure. This has been all done from stratch, so has taken hours - but I’m finally happy to share it as I think it is a very effective SOW! This is my first uploaded SOW, as it’s the first one I feel proud enough to, so be kind! I hope you enjoy teaching it as much as I have when creating it and teaching it myself!