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bullying  differentiated reading

bullying differentiated reading

3 simple descriptive pieces of text telling the same story, for children of different reading ages to read more independently. Also includes a writing resource to write an original piece of work based on the same theme. Purpose is both as a starting point to start talking about bullying issues and as a English activity focusing on identifying descriptive techniques in writing.
Christmas differentiated and guided reading   KS2-3

Christmas differentiated and guided reading KS2-3

Children of different reading ages can enjoy reading the same story, adapted to their needs. Versions of the story are indicated by the number (It’s the reading age of their version of the text but they don’t need know that! ) Read the hardest text to the whole class and then give different level texts/ comprehension questions to different groups to work on or to set as homework. Lowest level 1 text has cloze text attached. Use the different versions across the range of children in your class or share in school so different classes can read and discuss the story! I Hope it goes ok would love to hear if it has been useful!