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GCSE Computer Science Keyword Retrieval & Retention Activity

GCSE Computer Science Keyword Retrieval & Retention Activity

GCSE Computer Science - KS4 Keyword Retrieval & Retention Tasks This presentation contains 5 sets of keywords grids containing 20 keywords. Each keyword grid contains 20 keywords relevant to the OCR GCSE Computer Science Specification. Each grid also includes colour coded answers to discuss and share with your pupils. The keyword grids are an excellent way of enabling students to really delve in to the understanding of GCSE Computer Science subject specific terminology and learn key skills such as being able to analyze and justify key decisions which is vital for Paper 1 & Paper 2. Teacher Instructions: Share a keyword grid with your pupils and ask them to split the 20 Keywords in to as many different categories as they can. Explain to pupils that each category must contain a minimum of 3 key words & pupils must be able to justify their decisions. This is a perfect short and sharp 2 minute activity to use as a connect task to introduce new concepts and to consolidation new found knowledge…