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GCSE Italian - Social Media

GCSE Italian - Social Media

Within this topic there are 10 lessons focusing upon 2 GCSE Italian Social Media sentence builders. Each lesson has a minimum of 10 tasks based around listening, writing, speaking and reading. Included is also A topic cover poster 2 sentence builders 10 lessons STARTER GCSE READING QUESTIONS 1 test revision lesson 3 practice - self made - GCSE Italian social media exam papers, writing, reading, listening All exams have mark schemes and success criteria for 28 mark writing question (higher tier) 4 speaking extended tasks 2 extended translation tasks 4 Extended Writing Tasks (Descriptive and own responses) Mark schemes of smaller writing tasks (self adapted) A list of common verbs Grammar rules applicable to this topic A Verb test to test grammar rules application A test revision booklet with model 28 mark writing question answer AQA key question phrases list MULTIPLE CHEAT SHEETS TOTAL OF 65 FILES!!!