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OCR Psychology Loftus and Palmer Worksheets

OCR Psychology Loftus and Palmer Worksheets

These resources are worksheets for Loftus and Palmer’s study. The worksheets correspond with the textbook: OCR Psychology for A Level: Book 1. Flanagan, Banyard, Farnsworth and Liddle. 2017. Includes: AO1 worksheets for both experiments - students can read the study and fill in relevant sections. This can be ideal for flipped learning = x2 worksheets AO3 worksheets - -contains a scaffolding worksheet including all evaluation points with questions as to what could be included for each point. = x1 worksheet -a worksheet for students to complete their evaluation points on. This way information looks organised. =x1 worksheet a worksheet with a model answer = x1 worksheet and x3 sample worksheet just to demonstrate what the worksheets include All 8 evaluation points correspond with the textbook. There are no watermarks on the actual copies. I have added duplicate copies with watermarks just to show what the worksheets include. Please bear in mind these are only worksheets and does NOT contain resources for delivering content All documents are PDF only I also have created similar worksheets for all other 19 studies, however, want to see whether this is of any interest first.