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Industrial Medicine - Factors

Industrial Medicine - Factors

This lesson has been designed to get students to think about key factors that led to medical breakthroughs during the Industrial period. It is designed for the Pearson Edexcel Spec for Medicine in Britain 1250-Present. It also uses pages from the Hodder textbook, but is easily adaptable if using other textbooks or even other specs. This lesson is designed to go at the end of the unit on industrial medicine, before students complete a test. Suggested use of lesson **Starter: ** Give students a minute to think and discuss how pizza can help us to explain our thinking in history. They usually give some interesting and funny ideas. I often won’t reveal how till later. **Main Activities ** After introducing the lesson, students get an opportunity to do a little bit of recap. I usually get them in pairs and the first students to name all the individuals and their contributions win a prize. After recap, I will hand out each student an A5 copy of the baskets in preparation for the tasks on slide 5. Pleas see notes on slide 5 regarding page numbers in Hodder textbook and suggested extra-challenge. Plenary Hand out blank pizza slice to each student and have them label and briefly explain their Pizza. Possible opportunity for students to share and compare their thinking.