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Space Research Lesson - KS2 Scientific Research

Space Research Lesson - KS2 Scientific Research

I have attached a lesson plan, research questions and individual planet research. The children were put into mixed ability groups of 3/4 (depending on the amount of questions provided for each planet). Each group will be given 1 planet to research and each person in the group will be given a set of research questions to find the answers to (these question cards have been differentiated). The groups must then find the answers to their questions using the printed information attached, iPads, internet and books. I got the children to present their information on strips of coloured paper (similar to the colour of their planet), these strips of information were then stuck onto cut out planets (2 sides) the two sides were then stuck together with wire suporting them inside and we hung them on our classroom ceiling (in the correct order M,V,E,M,J,S,U,N - we also created a sun to hung before Mercury and decorated the planets with strips of metallic paper, glitter, tissue etc). They look fab!