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Geography resources designed for use with the AQA specification
AQA GCSE Geog vocab mats

AQA GCSE Geog vocab mats

AQA GCSE Geography vocabulary mats for various units Unit 1 Section A (natural hazards) Unit 1 Section B (the living world) Unit 1 Section C (rivers and coasts) Unit 2 Section A (urban issues and challenges) Designed to be used throughout the module, and placed on the desks whilst they are working. Ideally I would suggest they are printed on A3 in colour, and laminated for durability. It can be used in conjunction with vocab tests to support weaker students and show differentiation. I have used them as part of starter activities, when adding definitions or key words to the board, supporting students in decoding exam questions, or a memory jog for other tasks. At a time when promoting literacy and subject relevant terminology is paramount I would not teach a lesson without one. The students find them really useful, and some have asked for copies of them to aid their revision.