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Excel Three-Category Weighted Gradebook and The AssignMinder

Excel Three-Category Weighted Gradebook and The AssignMinder

From Silvestris Educational Publications, The Three-Category Weighted Gradebook with AssignMinder is a simple Excel workbook with a beautiful interface. Use it instead of your bulky pencil-and-paper gradebook and calculator to keep track of all your assignments and automatically calculate your grades using a three-category weighted method. Both tools are designed to accommodate any number of students and assignments and can be put on any device that opens Excel files. They are packaged in a file so small that you can keep it on your smartphone or email it, yet you have the full power and resources of Excel at your fingertips. The intuitive and attractive layout will put even those with little or no knowledge of spreadsheets at ease. Just type in the same information that you used to write in your old paper gradebook. The Three-Category Weighted Gradebook will do all the calculations for you. And The AssignMinder keeps track of the details of all your assignments. Both are fully customizable to the limit of your knowledge of Excel. Works anywhere you have Excel or a compatible program, while making your life a little prettier and easier! The PDF Readme file contains full directions for use.