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GCSE History exam question techniques

GCSE History exam question techniques

These four pages are a complete breakdown of the 3 GCSE Edexcel History papers. They contain the structures students need to use for each question for each paper, sentence starters for each question and a link to which AO is being tested. I print page 1 and 2 on one side of an A4 sheet and page 3 and 4 on the reverse side of that A4 sheet. I have these pages laminated (so they last the entire academic year) and are a staple in my student books. I hand these out to my students at the beginning of their GCSE History course and my students love this laminated sheet. When tackling exam questions in lesson, I keep referring to this sheet and encourage students to use this whenever there is an exam question set as a task to aid in solidifying the structures and use of language in a GCSE exam. For KS3, I use the PEEL structure with sentence starters.