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Audit & Assurance (AA) - ACCA

Audit & Assurance (AA) - ACCA

AA is said to be the most difficult subject in applied skills level. However, I would say that nothing is difficult if you are willing to work hard! I’ve passed my AA exam in June 2021. According to the official ACCA website, syllabus has slightly changes just a few. (for Sept 2021 - June 2022) The notes I’ve included: (Part 1) Audit Risk & Rep. (£0.50) Subs. Procedures (£0.50) E.Threats & Safeguards (£0.40) Corporate Governance (£0.40) (Part 2 will be uploaded in another file = Internal Control, Auditor’s Report, Theory que.) ** To be clear, those notes are revision summary, with some techniques provided (approved by ACCA grader). I’ve compiled everything based on those past year questions, from year 2014 to year 2020. With these notes on hand, I guarantee you pass with flying colors. **Extra tip: Past year questions! Do as more as you can! Before that, make sure you refer to the notes provided. You’ll realize that more than 50% of the questions will repeat as I provided, and will apply to your actual exam as well. **The more you sweat on practice , the less you bleed in battle! **All the best, from Brandon ;)