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Geography CIE IGCSE Case studies

Geography CIE IGCSE Case studies

Geography CIE IGCSE Casestudies Selected examples’ to illustrate population growth NIGER – RUSSIA – CHINA – SINGAPORE – EUROPEAN UNION Selected examples’ to illustrate solutions to urban problems Reading – Atlanta - Cairo Contemporary examples’ to illustrate interrelationships between the natural environment and human activities CHILE – HAITI – MADAGASCAR – THE SAHARA+SAHEL – MALI – MYANMAR – AUSTRALIA - MOZAMBIQUE Influence of human and physical factors on different agricultural systems Benefits and disadvantages associated with the growth of tourism Seychelles, Dubai Fuel, Power stations and water supplies DR Congo, ItaipU, China daya bay, Kingsnorth, Lesotho Sustainable development, Resource conservation and management Rainforests, Deserts, Albania, The Maldives, Nepal