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La Francophonie Year 9 end of year cultural project bundle

La Francophonie Year 9 end of year cultural project bundle

This is a project designed to extend Year 9’s knowledge of French-speaking non-European countries - and also to keep them occupied and learning until KS4. It’s great for encouraging independent learning and team-building skills, although make sure they know how to research properly first (and that this doesn’t involve just copying and pasting from the internet). I have included instructions for each week. There is a lot of cross-curricular work that could be done here - for a whole-school cultural week, for example - as there are links to music, history, geography, media studies, cookery, leisure and tourism, fashion and sport. My groups presented their findings predominantly in English although the top sets did more in French. The project can be done in either language but my instructions are in English. While in our school we did it in Year 9 ( so successfully that it became part of the Scheme of Work), it could be used in other years and at primary level. I suggest checking with each group every week to see that all members are doing their fair share of the work. As a result of the project, amongst other things, my classes have learnt traditional dances, sampled national dishes, and watched parts of soap operas (you might want to vet what they are going to show before the class sees it!) This is an updated and improved version of my original project. It is designed to be easily adaptable. Please leave me feedback if there are elements you feel could be improved.