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Assessment without Levels Framework and Resources for PE

Assessment without Levels Framework and Resources for PE

Assessment Framework for Physical Education which can be used to assess students in key concept areas: *Performance: Technique and Skill Development *Decision Making: Tactics and Strategy/Compositional Ideas *Coaching: Analysis and Improvement *Leadership: Lead and Officiate *Character: Citizenship and Sportsmanship *Health and Fitness: Leading Healthy, Active Lifestyles Criteria are generic so that it can be used across the activity range, which provides familiarity for students as well as a consistent 'Language for Learning' using key terminology. Students are assessed in each area and lines joined in order to create a visual "flight path" for the learner and parents. This can then follow the learner throughout the Year/Activity/Key Stage with additional "flight paths" added in order to demonstrate progress over time and identify areas of strength as well as areas to develop. SKILLS Cards These are to be used in conjunction with the 'Performance' 'Decision Making' 'Coaching' and 'Leadership' strands from the framework. The sheets provide progressive skills across the range and can be used to highlight expectations for individual activities...can also provide specific targets for students to achieve in lessons. All cards are differentiated allowing for students to enter at the level which suits their needs