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La nourriture (Year 7 or Year 8)

La nourriture (Year 7 or Year 8)

This PowerPoint is an introduction to some French food and other common aliments. The PowerPoint is designed for Year 7 or Year 8 (lower set). It is colourful and it includes typical french food which your students might not be aware of :)! It includes a starter activity which is based about typical French food. This will allow your students to discover cultural aliments cooked in France. 2nd slide is the objectives of the lesson (this can be changed and adapt) 3rd slide is the introduction of some aliments. This slide is great to remember to students feminine / masculine but also for pronunciation practice. 4th slide is an activity where students need to put aliments in the correct category. Answers are on the slide. 5th slide is a speaking activity with 3 simple sentences (Opinions about food). The aim of this slide is to show what sentences students should be able to produce at the end of this lesson. 6th slide and 7 th are reading activities and students have to find words in the texts. 8th slide is a translation task which matches with the previous two slides 9th slide is the food vocabulary - to go through pronunciation as a reminder before dictation task 10th slide is a dictation slide. In the notes - I have explained what I usually do in class. I have also written example sentences. The sentences get more challenges throughout the dictation. I personally find dictation a great task to practice listening, understanding and writing. But also, if you go through correction in class, it is great to discuss misconceptions and potential mistakes. This task can easily take up 15 - 20 mins. 11th slide is the objective slide 12th slide is a writing task. Tough, tougher and toughest for students to pick from. More able students will be able to do the toughest and express more complex sentences.