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A* (53/54 )Extended Project Qualification (PEARSON EDEXCEL) L3 (EPQ)

A* (53/54 )Extended Project Qualification (PEARSON EDEXCEL) L3 (EPQ)

This is an A* EPQ dissertation for anyone taking part in the Edexcel variation. The piece received 53/54 marks and was also moderated to ensure it was a high A grade.* This is 50 page, and approximately 17000 word document. This is an an EPQ dissertation fully meeting every criteria outlined in mark scheme, clearly laid out and includes a fully descriptive and analytical activity log, which is the bulk of the marks for the EPQ. The question I answered was: ‘Public offenders deserve the right to rehabilitative programs in preference of being punished in prison or given lengthy sentences’. This is a great resource for any student doing an EPQ on law/crime/justice etc.