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No Prep Pie Charts Worksheet Package

No Prep Pie Charts Worksheet Package

6th and 7th Year students will love this package of fun, colourful activities on creating and drawing pie charts. This easy to print, no prep bundle includes 5 different eye catching tasks and covers everything your students need to know to be able to draw, understand and interpret pie graphs. They will become Masters in no time and will especially love the task ‘Candy Pies’ where, you guessed it, real life candy is involved!!! What’s included Teacher Guide 5 tasks (Donut Pies, Big Pies, 24 Hour Pies, Candy Pies, Reverse Pies) B&W version plus a color version too Answer Key Resource Prep Print 2 slides to a page and print back-to-back if possible to create a booklet. Print the black and white version if you would prefer. I hope you find this bundle useful. I know it has entertained many of my classes.