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Minibeasts  -  Code Breaking (Pig Pen Code)

Minibeasts - Code Breaking (Pig Pen Code)

Professor Diggalot has discovered some ancient documents that belonged to the ‘Puggawigga’ people from long ago. He has been unable to decipher the mysterious code that these texts are written in, so he has written to you to ask if you can help him. Are you up for the challenge? Interesting, fun facts about 22 different minibeasts are written in code and displayed on ancient parchment paper. (Plain black and white copy is also included) This resource includes: * Scenario outline * Teacher notes – how to decipher the code, etc. * List of the 22 minibeasts * Poster – definition of minibeast / invertebrate * Letter from Professor Diggalot (requesting your assistance) * Photo of Professor Diggalot at the site of the Puggawigga ruins * Ancient document - alphabet grid * Code breaking tool – alphabet grid - student handout (also in black and white) * Ancient documents on parchment paper (the codes) (also in black and white) * Answers Facts/Codes for these 22 creatures: Ladybug, grasshopper, ant, wasp, spider, praying mantis, moth, butterfly, snail, worm, bumble bee, dragonfly, honey bee, earwig, flea, mosquito, fly, aphid, caterpillar, cicada, cockroach, millipede. A super-fun activity for learning about minibeasts / invertebrates. Get your code-breaking cap on! © Suzanne Welch Teaching Resources