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Black Hole Informational Text Reading Passage and Activities

Black Hole Informational Text Reading Passage and Activities

This mini lesson is a complete digital lesson with no-prep activities using Google Slides. The lesson activities include video instruction, informational text article, vocabulary, close reading, and writing a summarizing paragraph. The lesson has accommodations built right into the activities and the videos will engage reluctant readers. Each lesson includes: video lesson short informational text reading passage with audio comprehension activities quick write activity with writing template and word bank The lesson offers multiple and flexible options for learners to interact with the lesson materials and activities are chunked in smaller parts. Special Features/Accommodations Built Right In: Activity slides with lots of text have audio included Real world media has been remixed with embedded accommodations Icons are used as explainers Print disability friendly fonts Click Here To FOLLOW US and click the Green ★ to follow my store and get notifications of new products and freebies! Click Here To VISIT OUR WEBPAGE to see how you can engage with us! Click Here To CONTACT US, we’d love to hear from you! Chick Here To Visit Our FACEBOOK Page Click Here To Visit Our INSTAGRAM