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Quality specification based resources for GCSE and A Levels student.
GCSE Plant and Animal cells lesson Powerpoint and worksheet

GCSE Plant and Animal cells lesson Powerpoint and worksheet

This quality bundle includes a specification based powerpoint for teaching and a worksheet covering everything thing students need to know for the plants and animal cells subtopic. This resource is presented in a ‘fill in the blank’ format. This ideal to set as homework, revision or as an alternative to making notes. The following specification points are covered: [Students should be able to explain how the main sub-cellular structures, including the nucleus, cell membranes, mitochondria, chloroplasts in plant cells and plasmids in bacterial cells are related to their functions. Most animal cells have the following parts: • a nucleus • cytoplasm • a cell membrane • mitochondria • ribosomes. In addition to the parts found in animal cells, plant cells often have: • chloroplasts • a permanent vacuole filled with cell sap. Plant and algal cells also have a cell wall made of cellulose, which strengthens the cell.] (Taken from the GCSE AQA Biology Specification- NEW]