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Awesome Icebreaker Game - The Crazy Cards Challenge Activity

Awesome Icebreaker Game - The Crazy Cards Challenge Activity

This is a great game that you can play as an icebreaker at the beginning of the year (or anytime really) to help kids develop connections, laugh, get to know each other and have a good time working together to complete a challenge. This game is good for all ages - even adults :-) The challenge is to finish all 60 task cards in the shortest amount of time possible. The real purpose of the game is just to “break the ice” - to have fun working together, to get kids laughing with one another and to provide some teachable moments about the power of connections and being brave. Setup: ● Normally I have the students/participants circle up in the middle of the gym and spread the cards face down on the ground in front of them. ● For one smaller class - 1 deck is good. If you have more than 25-30 students I would print 2 decks. Rules: ● The goal of the game is for everyone to work together to accomplish all of the task cards as quickly as possible. Some of the cards can be accomplished alone, but many of them will require the help of someone else. So be aware that you’ll need to help teammates out in order to complete the challenge. ● Once your task is completed, bring the card to your teacher and place it face down in their hand, then go pick up another card. If there are no cards available, try to find someone else with a card and help them complete their task. ● Everyone gets ONE redo (you can put a card back and choose another one) ● When all the cards have been turned in - the teacher will stop the timer Have Fun and Teach On! Ben Blogger, resource creator and community builder at ThePEspecialist.com