Safeguarding Awareness Week 2024

Safeguarding Awareness Week is back! Our week dedicated to showcasing the importance of safeguarding in schools is returning for its third annual event from Monday 20-26 May 2024.

In 2024, our campaign focus is to highlight that everyone has the right to feel safe. We'll be helping to equip schools with the information, guidance and support they need to make schools and classrooms the safest they can possibly be. ​As part of this, we'll hear from industry experts, share insights and thoughts from the sector and highlight excellence in safeguarding practice both in the UK and internationally.

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Teachers doing safeguarding checks for students

What is Safeguarding Awareness Week?

Safeguarding Awareness Week is an annual event where we come together to explore what it means to feel safe.

Our pastoral and safeguarding lead Dawn Jotham explains: 

“Safeguarding is an ongoing priority in schools. Everyone in a school must act to protect those in their community. By running an awareness week, we are supporting schools as they continue in those endeavours throughout the academic year and beyond.  

“We use the week to give access to the very latest insight and analysis, to discuss with teaching and leadership staff on the ground how they are promoting safeguarding in their schools and deliver a range of tools for schools to use every day.” 

When is Safeguarding Awareness Week?

Event Date Location
Safeguarding Awareness Week 20-26 May 2024 Online


Safeguarding teaching resources

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    Teachers stood with their pupils in front of a safeguarding shield

    Safeguarding Awareness Week resources on Tes

    Kickstart important safeguarding conversations with some of our best resources including worksheets, displays and discussion activities.

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    Teach Starter safeguarding resources image

    Safeguarding Awareness Week resources on Teach Starter

    Explore a host of vibrant resources to help plan safeguarding lessons. From colouring worksheets to class displays and activities.

Safeguarding Awareness Week 2024: Panel discussion

Dan Worth, Senior Editor of Tes Magazine, hosts a panel discussion where three safeguarding experts take an in-depth look at the results from our recent safeguarding survey of almost 700 educators, sharing their insights and tips for school leaders and safeguarding leads.

If you feel concerned about something, who would you turn to?

We asked people to tell us who they talk to when they need some support or advice. From friends, partners and parents to pet dogs, here's what they said.

Previous Safeguarding Awareness Week themes

  • Two students holding a large megaphone

    2023 - SPEAK, SHOUT, SHARE

    Encouraging children and young people to talk to a trusted adult in school is an essential part of a good safeguarding strategy. But how can you ensure your students know who to speak to and feel confident in doing so? And how do you make sure your colleagues know what to do when a child does confide in them?

    Watch our free Live Lesson with NSPCC, download our classroom resources, explore our useful blogs and more, to help keep everybody in your school safe.

  • Teacher holding umbrella over student to cover her from the rain

    2022 - Everyone has a right to feel safe

    Following reports in the rise of sexual harassment in schools, our first safeguarding awareness week examined what it means to feel safe and what schools can do to protect all their students.

    See how we raised awareness during the week, watch recordings of our free webinars with leading experts, view the results of our safeguarding week survey, download our classroom activity sheet, access resources from our safeguarding experts, and more, by visiting our Safeguarding Awareness Week 2022 page.

Useful blogs and resources

  • Teacher looking at safeguarding statistics

    The importance of managing safeguarding concerns

    Effective recording and case management of concerns are central to good safeguarding practice. It’s essential that all members of staff understand how to record their concerns and that those responsible for case management have all the right tools at their fingertips.

  • Teacher stood with their students

    Managing staff allegations of abuse

    Adopting an open and transparent approach to reporting and recording staff allegations of abuse and low-level concerns in schools is crucial to help maintain a robust safeguarding culture where the safety and wellbeing of students is paramount.

  •  Why Important Blog Image

    Why is safeguarding so important in schools?

    Learn more about the importance of safeguarding in schools and the various ways in which it can help to protect and support the school community.

  • Need to remain compliant Blog Image

    Safeguarding: What do I need to do to remain compliant?

    Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play. Discover the different roles and responsibilities in schools.

  • 5 key safeguarding concerns

    5 key safeguarding concerns for international schools right now

    Download our free guide to ensure that all staff are up to date with the essential safeguarding information they need to protect all your students.

  • Teacher exploring safeguarding options on a large computer

    International safeguarding: how do I remain compliant?

    Safeguarding and promoting the welfare of children is everyone’s responsibility. Everyone who comes into contact with children and their families and carers has a role to play.

Keep all your students safe with our safeguarding tools

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    Safeguarding training

    Keep your entire school community up to date with the latest safeguarding knowledge with unlimited access to over 80 expert-written online training courses in safeguarding, compliance, health and safety, and wellbeing.

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    Teacher stood with their students

    Recording and case management

    Support staff to easily record and monitor safeguarding concerns. Enabling early interventions by identifying trends and patterns and helping to inform decision-making with our case management system, MyConcern, now part of Tes.

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    Teacher stood with her students

    Anonymous reporting

    Give everyone a voice for their safeguarding concerns by allowing them to report quickly, easily and anonymously, and help promote a positive safeguarding culture with our open-access reporting software, MyVoice, now part of Tes. 

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