NSW teacher salary: What you could be earning

NSW teacher salary - find out all you need to know about the New South Wales teachers’ pay scale below

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Teacher Salary New South Wales

How much are teachers in New South Wales paid?

If you're thinking about relocating or think you're overdue a pay rise, take a look at the latest pay scale information for New South Wales. 

NSW teacher salary in government schools are dependent on where you are on the teacher pay scale. Your level on the scale is determined by your experience and your seniority.

You can find the latest bands and figures below. 

NSW teacher salary

The new teacher pay scale:

Accreditation level Salary after 1 February 2020
Band One (Graduate) $75,605
Band 1.2 $79,504
Band 1.3 $83,394
Band two (Proficient) $87,295
Band 2.2 $91,186
Band 2.3 $95,083
Band 2.4 $98,981
Band 2.5 $102,881
Band 2.6 $106,774
Band Three (Highly Accomplished) $111,271


On top of your salary, allowances are given to teachers who take on leadership positions. The allowance will depend on the level of promotion given. 

Annual allowances for promotional positions:

ST2 $8,834
Co-ordinator 1 $8,834
Co-ordinator 2 $17,673
Co-ordinator 3 $26,508


Deputy principal - secondary annual allowances:

Enrollment of 201-300 $31,703
301-600 $35,136
601-900 $38,563
901+ $41,985


Deputy principal - primary annual allowances:

Enrollment of 201-250 $25,332
251-400 $28,440
401-600 $31,704
601-800 $35,136
801+ $38,563


Principal salaries

The principal pay scale, like the main teacher pay scale, is based on the principal classification system, which ranges from Teaching Principal 1 (TP1) or associate principal and increases to P5. As of the 1st of February 2021, the principal of a large school can earn up to $185,242. Executive principals that oversee connected communities, can have a starting salary of $204,697.

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*Figures shown are for 2021 and are revised annually. The teachers' pay scales listed apply to government schools and many differ depending on where your school is located. For more information on salaries see the NSW Department of Education

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