Teaching pay scale in Victoria

Teacher salaries in Victoria - find out everything you need to know about the Victorian teacher pay scale below.

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Teacher Salary Victoria

How much are teachers in Victoria paid?

Teacher salaries in Victorian government schools are dependent on where you are on the teacher pay scale. Your level on the scale is determined by your experience and your seniority.

The structure for teachers in Victoria is divided into three categories: leading teacher; learning specialist; and classroom teacher.

To find out what teachers earn in the rest of the country, see our full article on teacher salaries and pay scales in Australia.

Victorian teacher salary

For classroom teachers, there are two main classifications: range one and range two. Teachers then fall into sub-categories within this.

Range one Salaries from 1 October 2020
1-1 $72,058
1-2 $74,717
1-3 $77,474
1-4 $80,332
1-5 $83,297


Range two Salaries from 1 October 2020
2-1 $86,370
2-2 $89,557
2-3 $92,862
2-4 $96,289
2-5 $99,842
2-6 $108,003


Learning specialists and leading teachers fall within the range three classification.

Range three Salary from 1 October 2020
3-1 $113,079
3-2 $118,620


For principals in Victorian schools, the pay scale ranges from $146,987 for those on the 2-1 classification, up to $224,405 on 6-4. For assistant principals, salaries range from $133,147 for 1-1, increasing to $189,359 for the 4-4 classification.

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*Figures shown are from 1 October 2020. The teachers' pay scales listed apply to government schools and many differ depending on where your school is located. For more information on salaries see the Victorian Department of Education.

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