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Westminster, United Kingdom

Location: Westminster, United Kingdom

About Future Academies

‘Freedom Through Education’

Future Academies is a Multi-Academy Trust, established in 2008 and sponsored by Lord and Lady Nash’s charity, Future. Future Academies was founded with the aim of improving the life chances and raising the aspirations of young people. The Trust’s motto, ‘Libertas per Cultum’ (‘Freedom through Education’), is the clearest distillation of Future Academies’ vision for education: to grant students freedom from deprivation, prejudice or ignorance, as well as to endow them with the freedom to question, to choose, and to excel.

To achieve these goals, the Trust believes in the power of a first-rate, knowledge-rich curriculum: such an education is the best foundation for helping young people to succeed and overcome social barriers, irrespective of their backgrounds or starting points.

Future Academies currently comprises ten schools, across London and Hertfordshire. It also has its own Curriculum Centre, where researchers develop high-quality curriculum resources which are designed with knowledge at their heart, and which give young people access to the best that has been thought, known and said.

Since its formation in 2008, the Trust has carefully selected its projects, taking on the running of failing schools and turning them around. Working with young people who are often materially and socially deprived, Future Academies seeks to provide a first-rate education and to raise ambitions at all its schools. Their aim is for young people to leave their schools ready to take their place in the world - well-educated, motivated and with strong leadership skills, personally accomplished and determined to make a positive and lasting contribution to the world they step into. They firmly believe that a child’s background should not be a barrier to success and those who work for the Trust are committed to delivering an education that broadens students’ horizons in a truly transformative way.

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Address: C/o Pimlico Academy, Lupus Street, London, SW1V 3AT, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 20 7802 1910