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Croydon, United Kingdom

Location: Croydon, United Kingdom

About STEP Academy Trust

What’s your ambition? That’s one of the first things we ask our staff. Because with STEP Academy Trust you can create the career path you want.  

We are a growing family of primary academies that strive together for excellence. Work with us, and we’ll invest in your career and give you an unrivalled benefits package. And the chance to make a difference to our children’s lives. 


We know it’s the exceptional quality of our staff that’s key to our success. We are always looking to recruit talented professionals who share our moral purpose. All our staff – from Trustees to NQTs, admin teams to Headteachers, all believe passionately in our mission and values. And if you share our drive to improve the life chances of all children, we’d love to hear from you. 

Why you’ll want to join us…

  • We are committed to supporting you develop in your career.  We want you to do well, that’s why we offer:
  • Great opportunities for accelerated promotion – right across our nine-academy trust
  • Fully funded leadership training courses (NPQML, NPQSL, NPQH)
  • Fully funded Masters and PhD courses
  • At least seven NQT development days each year


And with free lunch everyday, we’ll keep you well fed too. 

…and why you’ll want to stay

If you need any more reasons to join us, take a look at these great benefits of working for STEP academies:

  • Rapid dissemination of best practice across the group
  • Innovative staffing arrangements – giving you the chance to work in different STEP academies
  • Sharing of expertise, teachers and best practice
  • Passion - We have the ability to profoundly change children’s lives. The stakes are incredibly high. So we ensure that our pupils receive the same quality education we would want for our own children.
  • Urgency - Every moment counts. Children spend a finite amount of time in education, so every day a child spends at a STEP Academy is productive, learning-rich and happy.
  • Positivity - We are positive and supportive of each other – creating a culture of high expectations and success.
  • Aspiration - We all aim for excellence in our individual professional roles. This reflects our motto ‘Striving together for excellence in partnership’.
  • Commitment - We go the extra mile for our children. We put their needs first and give them the best possible education.

The STEP Compass 

Our mission, vision and values are at the heart of our work. From this stem the four points on our compass – guiding our communities and ensuring that we are all headed in the same direction. 

STEP First – we are all one team

We are one team, one family. Our shared mission, vision and values form the solid foundations to all our work. 

STEP Way – We agree to do things like this

As a united team, we agree to do certain things, the same way. We co-create and review everything that goes into the STEP Way, and once agreed, we all work consistently. 

STEP Up – We all succeed together 

By supporting each other, all members of STEP – academies, groups and individuals – succeed together, as a family. 

  • High quality CPD, training with colleagues from across the group
  • Excellent shared services – catering, premises, finance and IT – all offering great value for money based on economies of scale.


Improving the life chances of all children 

Our mission is to improve the life chances of all children. Where we have the capacity to make a difference, we are morally bound to do so

Children are at the heart of our mission. Everything we do, every decision we make, is determined by what is in their best interests.

STEP Vision 

Our vision is to establish a group of outstanding academies where world-class leaders put children at the heart of everything. 

Every STEP Academy has its own character. But by working together, we achieve more. Close collaboration and generosity of spirit means we can achieve real educational transformation. 

And like any family, we celebrate each other’s successes, as well as share their challenges. So we transfer teaching staff to support partner academies who need an extra hand. And share each academy’s specialist knowledge across the Trust. 

We celebrate our achievements but always keep a focus on the challenges ahead. Consistently challenging the status quo, means we always deliver our best.

As a united team, we ‘all succeed together’. 

STEP Values 

Our values are crucial to our work. If they resonate with you, STEP Academies could be the place for you.  

STEP Ahead – We invest in our future 

We keep one eye fixed on the future. Individually and collectively, we anticipate and prepare for our next stage of development, putting us on track to a successful future. 


Our academies are located in the London Boroughs of Croydon, Bromley, Lewisham and Southwark.  We also have academies located in Hailsham and Newhaven, East Sussex.

Croydon – Applegarth Academy, David Livingstone Academy, Gonville Academy, Heathfield Academy, Tudor Academy 

Bromley – La Fontaine Academy

Lewisham - Turnham Academy

Southwark – Angel Oak Academy 

East Sussex (Hailsham) – Burfield Academy, Hawkes Farm Academy, Phoenix Academy, White House Academy

East Sussex (Newhaven) - Breakwater Academy, High Cliff Academy 

What our team have to say

“The support given by senior leaders across the academies and my colleagues has been exceptional, ensuring my development as a teacher. All of this has helped me feel that I’m part of a strong team within the Academy.” Megan Gwenlan, Class Teacher 

“Working in a STEP school is like no other. STEP is a happy and productive organisation with a lovely atmosphere for teaching. We are all passionate regardless of our roles and strive forward together as one!”  Ross Radford, Physical Education Teacher 

“I have received a lot of continuing professional development from the leadership and they have listened to my ambitions and passion which led me to being appointed as a Maths Leader.” Charlotte Blackler, Class Teacher 

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Address: Gonville Road, Thornton Heath, Surrey, CR7 6DL, United Kingdom
Telephone: +44 208 684 4006