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Spanish KS3 _ first lesson _ Zoom 1 _  introducing yourself & classroom instructions

Spanish KS3 _ first lesson _ Zoom 1 _ introducing yourself & classroom instructions

Resource for lesson 1 with a KS3 group starting Spanish. The material is based on Zoom 1 Vamos but can stand alone without the textbook. The PowerPoint begins with some geographical and cultural stimulus, followed by introducing yourself in Spanish and then some key classroom instructions. There is fun YouTube video linked to the vocabulary and a Memrise for use with BYOD group or for homework.

By RL6

KS4 Spanish Typical Day in Spain GSCE new AQA course

KS4 Spanish Typical Day in Spain GSCE new AQA course

Lesson covers: Basics of a typical day in Spain. I created this lesson in place of lesson on Cambian las costumbres in AQA book as I felt that it is more useful for students if they revise and have practice talking about a typical day in Spain using the present tense rather than the preterite, as is the case in the book. So, if a photo / roleplay should come up related to life in Spain, it will be easier for students to use what they have learnt in this lesson. By the end of this lesson, I want my students to be able to talk about the basics of a typical day in Spain (time Spanish get up, when and a little about what they eat, shops closing at lunch, the siesta etc.) in Spain. It is also good, but not essential, if you have already covered comparisons with your students. Lesson includes: Starter based on Tener and Tener que + infinitives. Activity One: Students write what they know about Spain in Spanish using pictures and key words on slide as prompts. Activity Two: Reading (differentiated resources included with key words / questions in Spanish) about life in Spain. Activity Three: Students add / improve what they wrote about a day in Spain using what they now have learnt from readings. Activity Four: Review of comparisons and superlatives as well as practice translating these into English and Spanish. Final Activity: Speaking practice based on AQA photo style exam. Preparatory slide with some key words students need to describe photo. Then slide with photo and questions as well as option for peer assessment. Review.

By Miriam81

Survival pack for Spanish Teachers (Trainee/PGCE/SCITT/NQT)

Survival pack for Spanish Teachers (Trainee/PGCE/SCITT/NQT)

This handy bundle includes: - an excellent, engaging first/introductory lesson for a Y7 or Y8 beginner Spanish class using the investigative approach. This is differentiated and works well with set and mixed ability classes - a list of target language expressions to use in the classroom (written by a native speaker) - Flashcards/display posters (27) to label classroom items or hang from the ceiling or even make smaller and put into pupil books - A guide to using Pinterest as an educator

By lovelylaurent



PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS AND LEARNING ANIMALS IN SPANISH! SPANISHANIMALS GAMES CARDS are perfect for young learners of SPANISH. They provide lots of opportunities to learn a range of animals, both masculine and feminine, and really do help to create a lively language learning environment. Children can develop their skills in word recognition and recall, pronunciation, speaking, listening and reading in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way, independently of the teacher. They’re a great way of introducing the concept of gender, and of looking at the indefinite article in SPANISH too. It doesn’t matter is any of the animals don’t feature in your immediate or even longer-term learning plan: the card games encourage children to engage happily and confidently with SPANISH, to identify cognates and to begin to link spelling with sound in SPANISH. They also help learners begin to work out the meaning of unknown words using both visual clues and prompts, as well as linguistic ones. Along the way, children may even get to know some new animals! There are 80 CARDS in total, which include 2 DECKS of 40 CARDS to enable you to vary and differentiate your games: DECK 1: matching SPANISH & ENGLISH cards, with both the picture and the word. The ENGLISH cards have a different frame, with blackline pictures. To keep costs down, simply print all the cards using just black ink. DECK 2: this pack features word-only cards in SPANISH, with a matching set of picture-only cards. This is really useful for a focus on word recognition and recall in FRENCH. I’ve included a word & picture reference sheet for children to read through before they play. The sheet can be shared between small groups of children, or distributed individually for children to file in their workbooks or learning folders for future reference. Play the games regularly for maximum benefit - they’re always really popular with young learners of SPANISH! Playing against a timer adds some extra fun - can children beat their own time record? The animals featured are: - bee - bird - cat - dog - duck - elephant - fish - fox - frog - giraffe - lion - monkey - mouse - parrot - rabbit - snake - spider - tiger - tortoise/turtle - zebra The resource consists of two, non-editable files. Please read the TERMS OF USE carefully: this resource is copyright, and for single-teacher/purchaser use only. ¡MUCHAS GRACIAS Y QUE OS DIVIRTÁIS!

By LivelyLearningClassroom