Bring in spring with EYFS and primary

Spring resources you can use with your EYFS, KS1 and KS2 primary pupils

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Spring into a new season with these themed activity ideas for early years and primary pupils

It may still be cold and wet at times, but the evenings are finally getting longer and there are touches of spring in the air. Celebrate the arrival of the season of birth, rejuvenation and regrowth with these refreshing lesson ideas and activities.

EYFS resources

KS1 resources

Spring  Poetry

Spring Poetry

Updated for Spring 2018! Download our five-lesson literacy unit of poetry planning for Years 1 and 2, based on performing Spring poetry and built around the KS1 new curriculum literacy objectives. In this unit, pupils will read a classic Spring poem about a fast white bunny and they will consid...
Life cycle of a turtle foldout activity
Gemma Waters

Life cycle of a turtle foldout activity

A cute craft for exploring the life cycle of a turtle (egg, hatchling, juvenile, adult). Print on A4 card ready for pupils to colour, cut out and fold. Once folded they can carefully bring the 2 halves together like a concertina, then pull apart to reveal the life cycle inside. This resource is a...
Spring time display pack

Spring time display pack

Beautiful collection of photos with captions and spring time words. All text in Sassoon Infant font. Really eyecatching with colourful leafy borders for words, floral borders for photo montages.

KS2 resources

Vivaldi and The Four Seasons

Vivaldi and The Four Seasons

A 5-lesson plan PowerPoint on Antonio Vivaldi and his famous violin concertos depicting the four seasons. An audio CD is required to be used alongside this plan. 1. The life of Antonio Vivaldi 2. Spring - representing in pictures 3. Summer - pitch of string instruments 4. Autumn - colour and...
Le printemps / Spring

Le printemps / Spring

I made these to go with other resources on Spring already uploaded (by Henriette). The presentation introduces Spring vocab and the worksheet has some simple exercises to practise.