Summer sports resources for primary

Helen Beevers
05th June 2019
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Hand-picked primary sports resources to get pupils active this summer

As summertime approaches, it’s time to get active and make the most of the sunshine while it’s here. Help your class top up their vitamin D with this specially selected collection of lesson plans, activity cards and games covering some of the most popular seasonal sports. So why not grab a bat, pick up a ball or get running this term?

Sports day resources

School Sports Day Plan

Here is a series of activities that I planned for our school sports day. The sports day is a continuous circuit of activities. Hope it may be of some help!!
By Gezzalang

Teamwork Assembly for Sports Day

This is a lovely resource which will prepare your children for Sports Day and will teach them all about Teamwork, Resilience and trying ones best. This could also be used at the beginning of a PSHE lesson. The resource has been adapted from a famous story about 'The Tortoise and the Hare'. Enjoy!
By Global Teacher

Sports Events Scoring System - Primary & Secondary

This is a Sports Event Scoring System I’ve created using Excel.

This can be used for Primary and Secondary Events.

Input all the information about the event on the first page which will auto fill the sheet. Then, go to the second page to input results.

Easy to use and easy to adapt for different occasions. Created around the use for Athletics, but can be adapted for other sports. I use this mainly for large events where other schools are coming to us OR sports Day.

Only £1 now!!

By dom evans

Sports Day - Potted Sports - Video

Great for competing in basic running, jumping and throwing events.
By peskills

Rounders resources

Rounders Term Plan and Assessment

This is a 7 session plan for Rounders. Comes with excel spreadsheets to make assessment simple and effective. Please leave me a rating and a comment if you use this as I would like to see how people are liking what I am sharing. Thanks
By marcusmccormack

Y3/4 Rounders

1/2 term plan for Rounders
By cmhare

Rounders Activity Sheets

Task sheets designed to allow for independent learning. Take the form of a ladder with pupils deciding which 'level&' they would like to start at and then progress through practices in the lesson/over a number of lessons. Contain diagrams and teaching points.
By charlie1207

Rounders Year 5 and 6

This is a pack of 6 differentiated lesson plans, covering throwing, catching, stopping a rolled ball, batting, bowling and game tactics.

The session begin with some simple games and progresses to following the rules of rounders.

This is a fun unit of work with teaching cards for batting, throwing and diagrams to explain the games, the session plans are very easy to follow. Thus creating an outstanding lesson were children are fully engaged, progressing and having fun.

By A Oatley

Athletics resources

Indoor Athletics - Running, Jumping, Throwing

Lesson plan warm ups/ full lesson plans - These plans can be explanded into a who lesson or condensed into a warm up - ideal for teachers struggling for ideas!
By Lebbonno

Athletics Resource Cards

For self and peer assessment.
Easy to use and straightforward for students.
By CLG90

Training to be an Olympian - Year 5 Athletics

6 weeks of athletics planning to support the Year 5 Ancient Greeks topic.
By MissMackey10

Athletics Planning for KS1 (5 weeks)

5 weeks of athletics planning suitable for Y1 or Y2 (KS1). Graded as outstanding planning.

By ExplorePrimary

Football resources

KS2 Football Planning

Basic MTP for football suitable for KS2.
By tp_1986

Football positions

A simple PowerPoint for when it is raining but you don't want to miss your PE session. A chance to discuss the positions children like to play and think about the football pitch and the zones within it. Could lead on to research of their favourite players positions, setting up their &'dream team&'; formation or planning their team roles before a match in an outdoor session.
By cheryl82

Football Skills Stations

Easy to interpret flashcards which you can leave for children to read. Skill Zone Passing Zone Shooting Zone Dribbling Zone Each card allows children to: Communicate Set their own level of challenge increase/ decrease challenge
By Lebbonno

Football task cards with differentiated learning challenges

**NEW** These new and updated football task cards are a further development from a resource I previously had which was download over 8000 times!

These task cards will really allow your students to showcase their autonomy within your lessons. Each card comes with bright and colourful diagrams and concise instructions so students know exactly how the activity should be set up and run.

Task cards cover all core football skills:

1 v 1 skills

The learning challenges on the back of each card will allow students of all abilities to achieve within your lessons. This is truly an invaluable resource for any teacher who wants to improve their delivery and student engagement in Football.
By Rob Hodgson

Cricket resources

Cricket drills

Some games to teach cricket skills.
By ed spackman

Cricket Technique cards

Technique cards to develop the language and their range of skills
By alpo8550

PE Year 1 and or 2 Unit of work - cricket or rounders

PE scheme of work - can be adapted for cricket or rounders - suitable for Year 1 and 2.
By helzbelz1973

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