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05th August 2019
Illustrations of a variety of different school subjects to show visual timetables

Colourful timetables to help primary and secondary students settle into a routine and encourage responsibility

All pupils, especially those with special education needs and learners who struggle with organisation, can benefit from using a visual timetable. Ensure that pupils get to grips with the structure of their day from the outset with these hand-picked individual plans and whole class displays.

Individual plans

Visual timetable

Small cards to use as they are for an individual visual timetable (I use them with a boy in my class who has autism) or you can jig them around, enlarge them and use them as a display for the whole class to see the days events which I have also done in the past. Nice and colourful - will save you time! 4 to a page - 48 in total with a blank one at the end to add your own!

By slgrainger

Secondary School Visuals

Visual support cards for secondary school learners with organisational difficulties. The images have also been used successfully within visual timetables for Key Stage 3 students with autistic spectrum disorders.

By Dodros

Daily Visual Timetable

A common occurring theme with many children is the need for routine. Children are often more settled in school than they are at home and that's due to the structure and discipline in a classroom setting.
Some children simply cannot cope without structure. This doesn’t just apply to children with special educational needs, we all want to know what's happening next in our day! In particular, the need for structure and routine is higher in children on the spectrum.

Included in this download-

Over 20 images with words that can be used to make a Visual Timetable. Can be used for a whole class or individual students.

Check out the preview! :)
By PollyPuddleduck

Widgit (symbol) visual timetable

Classroom visual timetable symbols in black and white (better for ASD). Prints 2 timetable options to an A4 page. Designed to be displayed in classroom horizontally - start -> end of day. Suggest print, cut, laminate then velcro on back to wall and hey presto! easy visual timetable.
By sueemc

Whole-class resources

Visual Timetable Cards

A visual timetable is a must have resource in any classroom!

This easy to edit PowerPoint file contains over 100 ready to print timetable cards to help you create your own visual timetable in your Early Years setting.

Perfect for establishing routine, settling anxiety, building speech and language.
Recommended by occupational therapists, special needs specialists, speech therapists and behaviour management coaches, a visual timetable is a must for any classroom.

The PowerPoint is easy to edit - just print the existing cards or edit them to create your own using our font or your choice of font. File also includes blank cards to allow you to add your own labels using your own image and font.
By clevermonkey

Editable Visual Timetable with Hyperlinks

PowerPoint file that includes the use of hyperlinks and macros. Nice clear images throughout and the resource includes a range of subjects. All captions are in Comic Sans Font. Please ensure you read the instructions on Slide 2 before running
By bevevans22

Visual Timetable

Visual timetable cards for display in classroom. Has many different subjects inclusing Literacy, Maths, Science, History, Geography, Assembly, Trips etc.
By sarahvs

Bee Themed Visual Timetable Display

Bee Themed Visual Timetable Display
Cute bee themed time table display for use in the classroom to remind children of daily activities.

File includes:
Display banner
84 activity cards
Full instructions

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