Visual timetables for all ages

Sian Evans
21st July 2016
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Engage primary and secondary students with these colourful timetables

Visual timetables are a simple way to establish routine and encourage responsibility, especially for pupils with special education needs (SEN) and learners who struggle with organisation.

From individual plans to whole class displays, we’ve selected some of the best visual timetables to assist students in getting to grips with the structure of their day.

  1. Bee-themed timetable display*
    Create a buzz in your classroom with this themed display pack, which gives pupils an ever-present reminder of daily activities.
  2. Primary visual cards
    Use these vibrant cards to introduce young learners to timetables, and get them into the habit of anticipating their next activity.
  3. Secondary subjects visual cards
    Help secondary students adjust to having more subjects on their timetable with these accessible cards that will also let them become more independent.
  4. Editable visual timetable
    Drag and drop each subject image into your own, adaptable timetable, as well as updating the weather on a daily basis, using this PowerPoint presentation.
  5. Display timetable cards
    Brighten up the room with these large display cards that make sure the whole class is aware of which subject is coming up next.
  6. Daily visual timetable*
    Implement routine into your students’ lives with this clear timetable, including a variety of subject lessons, mealtimes and other activities.
  7. Widgit symbol timetable
    Ideal for supporting learners with autism, these simple black and white timetable symbols can be displayed as visual reminders, which allow pupils to take more responsibility.

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