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16th March 2020
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Reporting templates and target-setting tools to help you to track and monitor students' behaviour against start-of-year expectations

The first day of the school year may well feel like a dim and distant memory, but that means it's probably time to check in on the behavioural expectations you set back in September. How are your students managing their behaviour? And what could they do to improve?

Answering these questions needn't be a chore with these hand-picked resources, ideal for helping you to report progress and support students as they set meaningful targets for the rest of the academic year.

Primary resources

Behaviour Crib Sheets for SENCo/ Behaviour Mentor

Referral forms, observational crib sheets, pupil behaviour questionnaire. All in early stages and would welcome any feedback for improvement.
By blossom.hill

Catch Me Cards...

A set of useful cards that can be used as target cards for behaviour.
By White_Lilly2

Noise Meter Display, Noise-O-Meter, Noise Monitor, Classroom Noise Monitor

Noise Meter Display, Noise-O-Meter, Noise Monitor, Classroom Noise Monitor

4 A4 PDFs that you can print out and use to make a quick and effective display to help guide your students on the level of noise appropriate for different activities.

By Miranda Pemberton

Interactive behaviour checklist

This is an interactive behaviour checklist that replaces the smile/frown face ticklists that many teachers use to track behaviour throughout a lesson.

Simply cut-and-paste in the pupils' names from your class register, and the Excel spreadsheet automatically populates the checklist.

The behaviour labels can be customised to suit teachers' own management styles or to reflect their schools' behaviour policies.

The one-click buttons instantly raise or lower behaviour points, highlight pupils with an attractive rainbow color scheme (in the correct spectrum order), and provide instant display and feedback on every pupil's behaviour during the lesson .

There's even a random name picker for Q&A activities, revision, more losing cups of lolly sticks!

I use a version that is customised to each of my classrooms, and it has simplified my behaviour management tremendously. I simply display the spreadsheet on my whiteboard at the start of the lesson, highlight pupil names in green for following expected routines or in yellow for silly behaviour, and I rarely need to speak over or otherwise compete with noise and distraction in my classroom...the colours speak louder than I ever could!

This is a generalised version meant for any teacher to pick and use right away (please note, this is a macro-enable Excel spreadsheet, and school staff may need to ask their IT departments to enable the content).
By madscientistchan

Weekly target tracker for behaviour

This is a child facing document designed to engage the children daily on their targets. It is really simple to use and super clean/fun looking.

Create a S.M.A.R.T target for the child (perhaps involve them in the decision making to add child buy in). Set an achievable target in the star (three times this week), and then put it in a place where the child can track it daily by circling the smiles.

For added longevity, laminate the document and then you can draw/write on it forever!
By Danny Barthorpe

Rocket Behaviour Chart

Used this during a space topic for 1 child who struggles not to shout out during carpet time. The astronaut was moved up and down the rocket according to the child's behaviour. When the astronaut reaches the star, you can reward the child as you see fit.
By devildogdesign

Secondary resources

Report Comments & Targets

A bank of comments and targets that I've used at the EBSD school I work at. Many of the comments are behaviour-based due to the nature of the school. May be usable by mainstream staff at this busy time of the year, with some changes. Hopefully it will help speed up the process of report writing for you. :)
By Scott Versace

My Behaviour Evaluation

A tutor time based activity or for use at a time when a pupil should reflect on a period of poor behaviour. It's very simple and can be done using highlighters or colouring crayons. NO WRITING so great for reluctant writers.
By kelbells21

Target card

I have these printed on a really bright coloured card back to back. I set the targets with the students at the beginning of the week and at the end of the week if they have more ticks than crosses they get rewarded. It gives me a great indication of their behaviour about the lessons they are not with me for.
By njonesford

Ten-Week Target Chart, Blank

A simple ten-week three-target chart for behaviour management or other achievements.

Each week is numbered and you then add the date, a smiley, neutral or sad face to represent whether the target has been achieved, and a comment.

For example, you might choose three targets such as ‘I will keep my desk tidy,’ ‘I will remember my homework,’ and ‘I will use joined-up writing’, and then you tick them off each week for ten weeks.

Could also be given to parents as a reminder of what the child should be doing at home each week.

If you love it, please leave a review!

By misspoolescoolschool

Behaviour Monitoring form self evaluation

I found a version of this on an American website and adapted it for use in my school. When a child has misbehaved they fill out this form. They have to record what they did but also evaluate why they did it and its consequences. The forms can be filed easily and kept for monitoring.
By Swite

30 Pupil Automated Behaviour monitoring point system with colour coding Rewards/Sanctions

A simple to use behaviour monitoring system that can be used to help with class behaviour or as a rewards system.

You decide what type of behaviour is worth what score.

You set individual goals for students to reach and the sheet will colour code to highlight students that need to be rewarded or show improvement.

Can be used for form,class or to help improve behaviour with a tricky class.

Can be put on the school system and copies made for individual classes.

Any questions or adaptions get in touch.
By MrHolyome

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