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What does your classroom layout say about you? Get back to school ready with these seating ideas

Back to school ideas

Back to School - Random Name Generator.

This is a fun way to ensure pupil participation in lessons.

The PowerPoint is completely editable. It has space to up to 35 pupil names. Pupils names can be added to each slide and once in presentation mode, click anywhere on slide two and a name will be generated. N.B. the same pupil can be selected more than once on this presentation.
By TeachElite

Back to School Bunting FREEBIE!

This is just some really simple bunting to display 'Welcome Back!' or 'Welcome!'

Two different styles to choose from.

Enjoy and have a good year! :)
By PollyPuddleduck

Classroom Helpers Job Chart

This is a classroom jobs set with a colorful polka dot background! Includes 20 job cards, job chart title card, and blank (editable) name tags. The jobs included are:

line leader
door holder
light monitor
mail carrier
lunch helper
clean team
plant care
zoo keeper
paper passer
teacher's helper
chair stacker
library manager
trash taker
lunch helper
weather reporter
calendar helper
pencil patrol

There are also blank job cards are in Powerpoint format in case you need to make more.
By FishyTeacher

Back to School Handout

This is the back to school handout that I give my students. Enjoy!
By victoriafry

Classroom Expectations Presentation for KS3/KS4

A short presentation on Classroom Expectations- covers Respect, Diversity and more.
Perfect for 1st week Tutor Time.

PPT included fully editable.

Suitable for KS3/KS4.
By Mrs_007

How to get rewards in my room

It occured to me that children in my class are told by my already existing posters that they will get rewards for following the rules and good behaviour, but for some kids, I think they need to know exactly what 'good&' looks like beyond the obvious not shoving and not being mean sort of things... Anyway... thought it might be of interest to someone.
By mrsbradley