Implementing routines in the classroom

Victoria Haughton
17th August 2018
Boy looking up at the time to check he is on schedule for his daily routine

Booklets, presentations and strategies to help you to effectively establish routines in class

Classroom routine is one of the most practical ways of ensuring that behavioural standards do not fall. By making sure that you stay in control, you offer your students a positive and calming environment, where regularly enforced boundaries are respected. To get you started, we’ve scoured the site to find some of our favourite resources to remind you of the rationale behind routine and top tips for implementing them.

Why routines matter

Every teacher knows that the start of a new school year is the perfect opportunity to set behavioural expectations in class. This presentation provides a helpful reminder of the importance of having an established routine, while this handy guide offers advice on how to conduct structured form-time sessions with your learners.

While you'll never be lucky enough to always teach a class of angels, help to ensure that your pupils are as good as gold by consulting this teaching habits sheet, full of tried-and-tested tips. Alternatively why not refer to this comprehensive booklet, jam-packed with hints and scripts for common classroom issues?


Help yourself to create order and organisation in your classroom. Routines enable pupils to meet your expectations more easily.
By manserm

Becoming an Excellent Form Tutor

Being an excellent form tutor isn't easy. It involves a multitude of requirements in a small amount of time. This document covers:

Establishing Good Routines
Form Administration
Building Relationships
Assigning Roles within the Form
Pastoral Issues
Report Writing
Contacting Parents
What if you feel like you are Struggling?

7 Learning Activities and Ideas to Engage Your Form with Form Life

There is also a form to keep a record of when you contact parents, and a form to collect information should you have to write a Form Tutors comment on their report.

I hope you find this useful and if so, please leave a positive comment.
By Arty Teacher

The Habits of Teachers Who Manage Behaviour Well

Habits of successful behaviour managers and the routines they use. A Pivotal Education Resource.
By pived

Setting up behaviour basics

5 page easy to read handout for teachers on setting up behaviour basics for a classroom based on using a educative approach to behaviour. Choosing classroom expectations, the difference between punishment and logical consequences, using descriptive acknowledgement, some hints and scripts for common behaviour issues.
By Alexandra-MacKenzie

Applying them effectively

As necessary as they are, finding the time to implement a new routine can be tricky for even the most experienced of teachers.  This collection of pre-written procedures will help to make your classroom management a breeze, while these decorative posters serve as a handy reminder to younger students about what behaviour is expected of them and when.

Provide a little structure to the school day and introduce learners to the different times of lessons with these editable clock faces. And, for when your students become a little too excitable, quickly take back control and reinstate order with this list of classroom management strategies.

Routine set

Automate your classroom management with this set of pre-written routines on powerpoint. These classroom management routines include instructions & procedures for a wide range of classroom transitions and difficult lesson activities
By MagicClass

Morning Routine

Morning: Morning and Afternoon Routine Posters For Your Little Ones-These are some morning and afternoon routine posters that I have made for my class. I put in a few other possible routine that other teachers may need. They can be printed and mounted using decorative ribbons to suspend them along the wall or you can stick them separately.

Nicole Hernandez
By Nicole Hernandez

25 ways to get silence from a noisy group

Classroom management strategies to get silence from noisy, challenging groups of students. Another fantastic report from to help you manage your classroom and get attention from noisy, rowdy groups of tough students. Take control of your noisy students with these classroom management tips and novel strategies.
By MagicClass

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