Valentine’s Day inspiration for EYFS and primary

Helen Beevers
06th February 2019
Love hearts representing Valentine's Day teaching resources for EYFS and primary pupils

Top ways to celebrate Valentine’s Day and the theme of love in your classroom

With the day of romance fast approaching, why not bring some of that seasonal love and joy into your classroom? From uncovering the history of 14 February to creating gifts for loved ones, embrace the mood using one of these themed activities with your class.

The story of Valentine Powerpoint

I made this to use in assembly so children would have an idea of where the whole St Valentine’s celebration came from.You could just as easily use on IWB in class. I make no claims for authenticity, this is info I gleaned from internet searches and made into a very basic story for younger children. Hope it’s useful. updated with spelling corrected oops!

By evebatten

Valentines Day Assembly KS1

Brief outline of an assembly for reception/KS1, including music, story, song, visual stimulus, follow-on activities.
By nickygal

Valentine's Day Maths (Treasure Hunt)

This activity is designed for KS2 and KS3 students, but it is also a very good activity to do with GCSE foundation students. It gets them working out the costs of gifts, meals and other outings for Valentine's Day. Questions are varied and include a bit of proportion and a few straightforward percentages.

Note that the answers to this activity produce an encrypted phrase. When the questions have been answered, the students should decipher this phrase.
An further (non-maths) extension can be for students to identify who the couples are and why they are famous!
Click --> for similar style Treasure Hunts on 50 other topics.
A Treasure Hunt is a great activity which children love. They are ideal for revision, starters or plenaries. They are a really great way to get students to answer questions quickly and enjoy doing so.

These question cards have been prepared in two sizes. The large cards can be pinned around the classroom and used for a whole class activity; the smaller (loop cards) can be used for group work or by individuals – they are particularly helpful for one-to-one tutorials and during interventions.

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By Maths4Everyone

Valentine's Day wordsearch

Something fun for 14 February - a heart-shaped wordsearch with words related to Valentine's Day.
By TheSchoolRun

Valentine's toast

Colourful recipe sheet showing how to make a healthy treat for St Valentine's Day.
By GreatGrubClub

Valentine's Day Workbook KS1

Great resource for KS1 themed St Valentine's Day. Reading, writing, and drawing activities which can be printed out as a complete workbook for the entire day or as individual worksheets. Comprehension on a party invitation, writing sentences, poems, verses, words and meanings, common and proper nouns.
By teachercellar

Valentine's Day: Cupid's Cube

A resource with a printable worksheet. Cupid, the Roman god of love, appears in lots of stories - old and new. Now you can tell your own love story with the help if this cut-out-and-make Cupid’s Cube. For more FREE literacy resources, including two great Valentine’s Day games for ages 5 to 7 and 7 to 11, visit The Literacy Club website at

By TLChelen

Valentines Day | Maths and Literacy | Activities

This varied and differentiated pack of Valentine's Day activities is full of interesting and challenging literacy and maths to keep your students engaged and thinking! The pack offers 14 activities in total, including games, stations and worksheets.




Contents List

Teachers Notes and Instructions


♥ 5 In a Row Board Game

♥ Roll, Say, Cover Board Game

♥ Place Value Match Up (to 50) Station

♥ Addition Sort (to 20) Station

♥ Missing Addends (to 10) Station

♥ Least to Greatest (to 50) Worksheet

♥ Candy Repeating Patterns Worksheet


♥ VALENTINE’S DAY Acrostic Poem Template

♥ Sense/Nonsense Words Station

♥ Syllable Sort Station

♥ Fact or Opinion Worksheet

♥ The Story Of St. Valentine

♥ The Story of St. Valentine Sequencing

♥ The Story of St. Valentine Comprehension





Revision: Valentine's Day Math Odd and Even Station

Valentine's Day Puzzles


Teacher's Toolkit Thematic Resources: St. Valentine's
By TeachersToolkit

Love assembly - Forgiveness fosters love

This is a 3 page plan and a 13 slide PowerPoint presentation for an assembly on Love, with a focus on forgiving people who wrong you. It is easy to follow and requires no resources, so is perfect for using at the last minute! You can use the plan on its own or alongside the PowerPoint. (This is non-editable. Click ‘Read Only’ to open the PowerPoint.)

I like leading assemblies that are interactive, engaging and relevant to the children’s lives. This assembly involves a long anecdote on a childhood friendship. You can use the example in the plan or use an anecdote from your own childhood. There is a lot of opportunity for children to think about their own experiences of friendship and love and to feedback. This is followed by a quote from the bible to discuss and an example prayer/reflection to finish with.

By Blossoming Minds

Valentine's Day Reading Comprehension

A Valentine's Day reading comprehension based on the life of St Valentine.

Th questions included are a sample of the questions used for SEN/Low Ability groups in KS2.

This reading comprehension is included in a Valentine's Day Math and English Pack which includes questions for other ability groups.
By Top Marks Teaching Resources

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