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Relative MOTION

Relative MOTION

This resource includes 25 slides; To attract attention of students to the subject, daily life animations were used. You should install these Fonts for this document; (Marker Felt & Tempus Sans ITC)

By veyselbiga

Rearranging Formula Dynamics Whiteboard Software for Mechanics A-Level AS

Rearranging Formula Dynamics Whiteboard Software for Mechanics A-Level AS

Resizes to fit your full computer screen. New generates a new question. Select any of the formula variations, v = u + at, S = ut + ½at², S = ½t(u + v), E = ½m(v² - u²), or J = m(v - u) Click the answer boxes to reveal the answer. Students can revise at home on their own computer. $5 for the life of your computer/laptop. Runs using Microsoft Excel. 32-bit or 64-bit Download the free who wants to be a Millionaire game, to see that everything works for you. The game is very hard to win. Go to http://www.mathsuperstore.com/rfdynamics/

By jamiemcm

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

Speed, Velocity and Acceleration

A short worksheet to assess my bottom set Year 10's understanding of Speed, Velocity and Acceleration. Helped to highlight the fact that just because an object is accelerating faster, does not mean it is traveling faster. Questions repeated so 2 can be printed per page. Answers are on the third page.

By jkitchiner