Whole-school French resources: travel and tourism

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PERFECT FOR INTRODUCING AND EXPLORING FRANCE! FRENCH FASCINATING FACTS TASK CARDS really do help to create a lively language learning environment, and offer a popular alternative to more traditional, teacher-led ’information about France’ lessons. Children can develop their knowledge of FRANCE - and through guided whole-group discussion - their home/host country too, in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way, in part independently of the teacher. There is a bonus multi-focus on listening, speaking, pronunciation, reading, writing and spelling, and is a great way of aligning language learning with developing literacy skills in English. This is a combined pack of SETS 1 & 2, and comprises the following: 40 FACTS CARDS - there are four facts in each of the following topic groups: GEOGRAPHY, HISTORY, ART & ARTISTS, FAMOUS PEOPLE, COUNTRY, LANDMARKS, LANGUAGE and FOOD. There are 4 cards per A4 sheet, making them the perfect size for young learners. The language on each of the cards ranges from fairly basic to more advanced, which challenges and enhances children’s English skills. RECORDING SHEET CHALLENGE LEVEL ONE - there are 2 options: either 2 or 4 fact recording boxes per A4 page. Children read their selected facts, and copy the information in the boxes. Encourage children to be as accurate as possible with their spelling and punctuation, to pay particular attention to the spelling and accents of the FRENCH words that are included, and of course to make sure they are recording the facts in their best handwriting. RECORDING SHEET CHALLENGE LEVEL TWO - there are also 2 options: 2 or 4 fact recording boxes in this challenge level. However, there is a more open-ended task: responding to the question “What did you learn?”. This requires children to read their fact card, process the information, and then recreate it in their own words, describing the fact in the context of what they have learned. SETS 1 & 2 are also available separately if you prefer, each priced at £3.00. This pack comprises 10 non-editable files in a zipped format. Please read the TERMS OF USE carefully - the pack is copyright, and for single-teacher/purchaser use only. MERCI BEAUCOUP ET BON VOYAGE!

By LivelyLearning

충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【���국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스

충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스

충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스충남출장샵 Э카톡M K 5 3【외국인출장만남】홈피☛《 H I T⑥⑨⑨.COM 》출장안마ぁ출장만남ぁ출장샵추천ぁ출장업소ぁ오피ぁ대딸방ぁ출장서비스

By glxmaksska05

Year 7 French Scheme of Work (Whole year and  detailed - based on Studio 1)

Year 7 French Scheme of Work (Whole year and detailed - based on Studio 1)

* Each page contains a table that guides teachers on what to teach and expected outcomes each week. * Table headings are: Objectives, Grammar & Tenses, Vocabulary, Pronunciation opportunities, Questions, Possible activities, Homework and Stamps, HPA (more-able students) * This scheme isn't intended to restrict teachers' activities, but to suggest ideas in case they're looking for inspiration! * Objectives are differentiated (green - weaker students; blue - mainstream; red - very able students). * Integrates grammar pages, page resources and extension activities from Stimmt 1. * Curates activities in the books to create a logical progression from discovery to production. * Makes frequent reference to exercises and resources in Stimmt. * Plenty of time built in for practice - almost all double page spreads are allocated two weeks. * Reference to differentiation throughout. *Hyperlinks to Quizlets and Kahoots that relate to the unit being covered. * Modules 1-5 are covered * There is a bit of jargon in the scheme: - HPA (high prior attainment = very strong students) - Stamp - we mark students' work twice per half term, so when you see 'Stamp #1' or Stamp #2', that's what it means! - PC1, PC2, PC3 etc - stands for Progress Check. This is what we call our SIMS reporting.

By Mazarine



PERFECT FOR DEVELOPING LANGUAGE SKILLS AS WELL AS PRACTICING AND REVISING FRENCH VOCABULARY - 495 ESSENTIAL WORDS AND PHRASES FOR BEGINNING FRENCH LEARNERS! This pack of games and activities really do help students to develop and embed their beginning FRENCH vocabulary in a cooperative, communicative and interactive way. They’re ideal for independent learning, and perfect for pair and small-group work. Students can quiz/test themselves and each other on a regular basis - they're a very popular alternative to more traditional vocabulary 'drilling tasks', and really do help to create a lively language learning environment. The pack features 495 WORDS AND PHRASES that students are likely to meet in the INTRODUCTORY stages of their FRENCH learning: SET 1 Les salutations Les jours de la semaine Les mois et les saisons de l'année Les nombres 0-20 Ma famille Mots fréquents Le français pour la salle de classe Questions et réponses SET 2 Les salutations Les couleurs Les parties du corps Le temps Les nombres 21-40 Le français pour la salle de classe Questions et réponses SET 3 Le français pour la salle de classe Les animaux Les matières scolaires Les fruits et légumes Les nombres 41-60 Bavarder ensemble SET 4 Les pays Les nombres 61-80 Quelle heure est-il ? (o'clock) Les adjectifs La nourriture et les boissons Bavardons un peu SET 5 Verbes français Les nombres 81-100 Quelle heure est-il ? (half past) En ville Les adjectifs Questions et réponses There are 10 non-editable files in a zipped format: FRENCH and ENGLISH game cards, with all the words and phrases to use in a variety of games and activities with game card template, which encourages your students to apply their developing knowledge of FRENCH practically and creatively x 5 18-page REFERENCE, RECALL & WRITE booklet x 5, each with 3 differentiated activities: CHILLOUT CHALLENGE: students write from memory all the words and phrases in ENGLISH from a FRENCH prompt - all the words/phrases are in their language category CHAMPION CHALLENGE: students write from memory all the words and phrases in FRENCH from an ENGLISH prompt - again, all the words and phrases are in their language category SUPERCHARGED CHALLENGE: all the words and phrases appear in random order, and switch from FRENCH to ENGLISH at each question Please read the TERMS carefully - this resource is copyright, and for single-teacher/purchaser use only. MERCI BEAUCOUP ET BON DIVERTISSEMENT !

By LivelyLearningClassroom

Au Restaurant - French Unit

Au Restaurant - French Unit

This unit is great for Junior/Intermediate Core French as a Second Language class. It is a restaurant unit that includes listening, speaking, reading, and writing activities. It also has technology integration activities and ideas. There is a lesson plan guide that is included and all worksheets are organized and labelled to correspond with the daily lesson plan. There are daily activities, a vocabulary quiz, a unit test and a final project and rubrics too. Answer keys are provided at the end of the unit. Included in the unit: (*answer sheets included) -50 Flashcards and word cards -Class game J’ai… qui a… - Vocabulary list* , sheet for students on IEP Word search* Daily questions speaking activity Decode page/ Unscramble page* Que penses-tu? writing activity Que préféres-tu? speaking activity Le menu du jour / J’ai faim* –vocabulary writing practice Le verbe PRENDRE* La salle a manger café / À la carte-reading comprehension Commander au restaurant* -reading comprehension Au restaurant-listening activity with You tube reference Chez Aiello script / Sequencing worksheet*, a sheet for students on an IEP QR Code Scavenger Hunt –reading/writing activity Que commandent-ils?*/Ca coute combien?* reading comprehension Commander au restaurant/Décris la scène Unit Test-reading, writing Final Project – Make a menu with rubric Skit idea and rubric.

By chezgalamb

Country Studies Bundle (Europe)

Country Studies Bundle (Europe)

Let's get to know Europe! This bundle includes six country studies with a great variety of activities and exercises about France, Germany, Spain, Italy, Greece and the United Kingdom. The materials have informative exercises about the things that these countries are famous for, such as the French Revolution, the British Empire, the Tour de France, Attractions, Bullfighting, Ancient Greece, the Roman Empire and many other things! Crosswords, word searches, puzzles and other kinds of activities are included to make it a fun and interesting class. The answers and answer sheets are included. You might also like these bundles: All units: 28 Country Studies Asian Country Studies North American Country Studies Top 10 Best-selling Country Studies Spanish Speaking Country Studies

By willemmacau

French Classroom Activities Bundle

French Classroom Activities Bundle

This is a bundle containing two daily classroom activities and a one week cultural presentation/activity. Items sold individually - $15.00 Bundle Savings of $4.50 (30%) ******************************************** 100 Days of French Class Bell Ringers / Bell Work This is 100 days of the bell ringers that I use in my French II-IV classes. There are two PowerPoints- idiomatic expressions and verbs of the day. Also included is the testing template. Lastly, I have added a few notes of tips and tricks that I have learned from doing this for a few years to help this activity run more smoothly. All the work is already done for you! ******************************************** French Class Daily Activity - Quel temps fait-il? This is an activity that my students and I do to start class every day. No lesson on weather is needed when it is done every day! I have all of these weather cards posted in one of my classroom windows. When the question "Quel temps fait-il?" is asked at the beginning of every class, the designated weather person takes whichever cards the class says and sticks them to the wall. ******************************************** La Francophonie Mondiale - Lesson plans/PowerPoints/Activites on Francophonia This is a lesson I did with my students at the beginning of the year, although it can be done at any time. I did it with levels 1 all the way up to 4, and it was very engaging for every student. It is a 4 day planned out unit on where and why French is spoken throughout the world. Students also internalize the colors red, blue, green, and yellow. The world is broken down into five regions- France, Western Europe, the Americas, Africa, and Asia. Each region has its own PowerPoint (Asia and Africa combined), along with labeling/coloring activities as well. I have provided a step-by-step lesson plan for all four days, as well as a bonus opportunity (or graded activity if you choose to edit it that way) for students to do at the end of the unit. I have also included pictures of the end result of the bonus activity from my classroom. If you want to include videos in/with the PowerPoint presentations, you will need to search online. I have intentionally left them out in order to not infringe on copyright protections.

By aillet_jordan

KS1 / 2 Whole Day Taster Sessions (French)

KS1 / 2 Whole Day Taster Sessions (French)

These resources were used with a Y2 class to do a whole day of French. They are also non-linguist friendly (copy/type words into a google dictionary to hear how they're pronounced). There are 3 sessions which were interspersed with song-singing, accompanied by actions to break up the activities. Tete, epaules, genoux, pieds was a favourite! These sessions were delivered to 50 pupils over the course of a day in a mixed comprehensive school, in a socially and economically deprived area, with 50% of the class being EAL. However, it contains ample content to be easily exploited for a hungrier audience. Each session contains the 'date board' I use as a starter for all of my lessons across KS3 and 4. It's so simple but focuses pupils immediately. Session 1(47 slides) has a cultural focus and will show pupils how many landmarks around the world are within easy reach of the UK. The resource includes pictures and maps as well as driving / flying time from the U.K. to these places. There is scope for an easy extension activity here - pupils couldresearch the French landmarks and present their findings to the rest of the class for example. Session 2 (6 slides) brings French language in, without it being too intense and gives pupils the opportunity to practise basic phrases and French handwriting. Session 3 (11 slides) brings in lots of language, focusing on the basics with support whilst also allowing pupils to push themselves with the extension documents. For session 3, once the starter activity had been completed, I divided the 50 pupils across 8 groups, on 8 tables and we did a carousel activity to progress through the difference phrases. I assigned table leaders to explain their sentence to their group and how the sheet could be used to support them to write sentences about themselves. Each sheet contains extension phrases. Once pupils had grasped how to use the sheets (around 4 tables in for some of them!), they felt confident to manipulate the sentences for themselves and the whole activity became much quicker. I planned to bring the focus back to the French style handwriting if it were the case that pupils finished the activity in order to produce display work. They took a long time to make but went down a treat so it was time well spent. Enjoy!

By deutschelehrerin