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Medicine and British health GCSE

Medicine and British health GCSE

A resource pack to support the teaching of the Treaty of Verailles from 1919 to 1939. Activities included to suit the new GCSE requirements, with plenty of scope for differentiation by either task or outcome for more- or less able students.

By lawriepeet

Marrin Gamu

Marrin Gamu

Australia is home to hundreds of Indigenous languages. Marrin Gamu has been created to introduce Australian students to the diversity and beauty of our Australia's languages. The resource encourages students to discover the language of the local Aboriginal community while exploring their own language identity.The Marrin Gamu songs, videos and maps can be used to facilitate discussions and activities for English, History or Aboriginal Languages F-6. The resource has been mapped to the Australian Curriculum codes in document, 'curriculum.pdf'.

By FirstLangAU