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NEW GCSE Spanish literacy mats and marksheets (BUNDLE)

NEW GCSE Spanish literacy mats and marksheets (BUNDLE)

A collection of 10 double and single sided literacy mats which can be laminated. They each include an extensive list of vocabulary from both the foundation and higher tier for the new GCSE. Based on AQA but could be useful for many of the exam boards. The bundle also includes a roleplay literacy mat as well as a photo literacy mat useful for the speaking exam of the new GCSE. I've also included four GCSE marksheets created for the new GCSE. These are for marking the speaking and writing at both foundation and higher. This is a discounted bundle saving you £11! Hope you enjoy my hard work.
Bicing en Barcelona

Bicing en Barcelona

Barcelona was one of the first Spanish cities to introduce a public bicycle service for its citizens, in order to reduce traffic and pollution. These videos and activities explain the advantages of Barcelona's "bicing" , the name of this mean of transport, and how it works. The goals of this lesson (for pre-intermediate students) are: Grammar: comparisons. Vocabulary: basic adjectives (barato, caro, complicado, fácil, difícil, llano, montañoso, sencillo, etc.) and vocabulary about the city and means of transport. Communication skills: how to talk about advantages and disadvantages.. The activities of this package include three audio activities, a 4-minute video filmed in Barcelona with optional subtitles and real interviews, and a 10-page PDF document with activities, the transcripts and the answer key.