Teaching movement to EYFS

Help EYFS pupils to develop their movement skills in an imaginative way with these hand-picked planning resources and activity ideas

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Planning documents and practical resources to develop pupils’ fundamental movement skills

Movement lessons are an essential part of child development so it's important to find engaging ways of giving pupils the physical literacy they need to play games and sports in the future.

To help you do just that, we’ve hand-picked a range of top resources, ideal for getting young learners moving, learning and having fun!


Prepare yourself for upcoming lessons by watching this short video, packed full of tips on how to teach movement to your classes and feel comfortable doing it.

Take advantage of this comprehensive medium-term plan on the theme of "ourselves", with each lesson broken down into a warm-up, main activity and cooldown. For something more thorough, this 12-session planning document covers a range of skills from helping pupils to develop their balance to negotiating space successfully.

Alternatively, take inspiration from this easy-to-understand fundamental movement skills plan, containing a range of balance, running, catching and throwing tasks.


Use the power of storytelling to teach your class basic movement patterns, and accompanying vocabulary, by asking them to move like the animals in these stories

Focus on bouncing of all kinds, from improving ball skills to jumping like a kangaroo, with this easy-to-follow lesson plan, combining movement with imaginative activities.  

Finally, improve pupils’ ability to move within a space using these two spinners, which determine the way they should travel, such as hop, skip or crawl, and the speed at which they should do so. 

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Planning Activities
Teaching movement video Animal movement stories
Ourselves movement plan Worm-themed activities
12-session planning document Bounce lesson plan
Basic movement skills plan Ways of travelling spinners

Have you got a brilliant EYFS movement resource? Drop us an email to let us know. Don't forget to include a link to the resource!