Spectacular seaside resources for EYFS

Sian Evans
17th June 2016
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Resource packs and lesson ideas to explore the seaside and sea creatures

As both students and teachers are beginning to look forward to the holidays, the summer term is a great time to think about the beach whether the sun is currently out or not.  From the comfort of your classroom, a seaside topic can take young learners on an imaginative adventure to explore common aspects of a coastal trip, as well as investigating the animals that live in the ocean.

We’ve selected a range of creative marine-themed resources, from maths activities to creative writing exercises, which are designed to get your pupils excited about the seaside. 

Visiting the seaside

Imagine a trip to the seaside with this suitcase worksheet, where young learners can draw the items that they would take to the beach. Alternatively, encourage pupils to use these differentiated writing frames to list out all the objects that would be essential for any seaside visit.   

Embrace the excitement of the beach with this themed picture game, where learners match up cut-out coloured shapes with seaside pictures. And what better way to learn about the shore and the sea than by singing popular songs as a class, using this easy-to-read songbook.

For a deeper look at the seaside topic, engage your class with this detailed resource pack £1. From learning beach vocabulary to role-playing a visit to the aquarium, these colourful resources let students absorb all the elements of a seaside holiday.

Under the sea

Dive into the underwater theme with this thorough ocean creatures display pack £3, containing flashcards and fact files that will introduce your class to the breadth of animals living under water. Or, think about the marine habitat with this under-the-sea jar worksheet, which allows pupils to make a list of all the animals and plants they can see before creatively drawing their own.  

Take a more tactile approach to exploring the sea, and associated keywords, by using these playdough mats. They encourage young learners to read new words, form the letters with playdough and then copy them out to practise their handwriting skills.

Enlist your class with ordering and selecting appropriate units of measure with this engaging animated story about Finley the fish who wanted to measure his sea friends. For some numeracy fun, play this under-the-sea dice game, which is ideal for younger learners to practise counting as well as how to take turns and wait patiently.

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