First week activities for EYFS

Nicola Davison
17th August 2018
Colourful parachute for EYFS introduction to school activity

Kick-start the new academic year with these hand-picked planning ideas and behavioural tools

Keep your new students engaged during their first week in school with these top introductory activities. From getting-to-know-you games and class rules cards, we’ve got everything you need to make sure your new class settles into a routine quickly and easily.

Planning for the first week

Encourage pupils to learn and remember the names of their teachers and new friends with these engaging name games, which can be developed over the course of the week. This parachute game guide also contains name-learning activities, as well as opportunities for practising colour recognition and counting.

Ideal for circle time, why not encourage young learners to practise their speaking and listening skills from the get-go with this comprehensive collection of games? Alternatively gain inspiration from this selection of ideas, jam-packed with fun activities.


Getting to Know You Activity Plan

Activity plan for two games to play in the first dew weeks of nursery/school to learn each other's names
By MagicalEYFS

Parachute Songs/ games

Book of ideas for songs to use when playing with the parachute. Ideal for early years and children with SEN.

By Ibuzzybea

Reception Speaking and Listening Activities

Here are a selection of speaking and listening games for Reception or Nursery. Good for CLL/PSE carpet sessions, developing speaking skills, ice breakers or games when meeting your new class!
By kaw87

EYFS Activity lists

Ideas for activities, with suggestions for questioning and resources. Covers areas KUW, PSE, Speaking & Listening
By Msz

Setting behavioural expectations

Discuss classroom rules early on and use these visual reminder cards to reinforce good behaviour, before rewarding learners with this adaptable start chart.

This simple noise-o-meter is great for demonstrating acceptable levels of chatter for different types of activities. Finally, motivate learners to tidy up or get settled within just two minutes with this colourful, interactive marble timer.

Visual Prompt Cards for class rules

A set of reminder cards and desktop strips to encourage/reinforce good classroom behaviour. PCS Symbols format. The images are good sitting (on floor or at desk) no talking/shouting out, put up hand, look and listen.
By bevevans22

star chart - reward and monitor behaviour

monitor and reward behaviour for children who need extra incentive and effort. try to get 3 stars each day. evaluate at end of week

By samdog


Children came up with the idea and respond really well.

By eliscitt

Marbles Timer

A fun countdown for tidying up, getting settled... or just counting!
By 1992CO

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