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Helen Beevers
29th May 2019
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Monitor student progress with these top trackers, tests and templates

Entering into the second half of the term, many teachers will be thinking about assessing the progress of their pupils, especially before the school year ends. However, both tracking and monitoring takes time and can be tricky to keep up-to-date with. Here, we’ve picked out some of the most comprehensive assessment tools to help you to keep on top of pupil progress.


EYFS Tracking Sheet for an Individual Child

This tracking sheet helps to monitor the progress and gives a one page overview of where the child is.
By alda

EYFS Cohort Tracker

Easily track your cohort using this tracker. Different colours for below, meeting and exceeding means you can see at a glance the areas needed for improvement. Helps identify any gaps in learning and can be used as a setting evaluation on resources, teaching and staff. We recommend tracking your cohort every term.
By eyfslittlehelper

Whole Year Assessment and Monitoring Bundle | EYFS Reception

These assessments/monitoring sheets can be used for every child, the whole year through, from Baseline to ELG!

These have been created with the ELGs in mind. Included is a Writing assessment (can be printed for each assessment term), Maths assessment/monitoring record, Reading assessment/monitoring record and Group monitoring pro forma.

Never worry about creating your own assessments again!
By littlelearnersmail

eyfs 2012 tracker

A tracking sheet to show progress through development matters bands for nursery children. Each child has a sheet and at the end of each term they are shown as entering into, developing within or confident in an age band for each aspect of learning. Editable in publisher or available as pdf for those without publisher. Reception version purposefully uses E, D, C through the age bands as opposed to emerging, expected and exceeding grades which are used against early learning goals at the end of reception.
By hheaton


KS1 Guided reading assessment grids

Assessment grids for AFL during guided reading. Linked to the new content domains and the end of KS1 SAT, will help teachers to plan guided reading activities that are relevant to the new curriculum.
By carmenm

KS1: Assessment, Tracking and Reporting (2016)

This is the latest KS1 version of my popular Primary Tracking resource. In this pack you will find:

Introduction: Complete instructions for how to use the assessment, tracking and reporting package.

Assessment spreadsheets: Feed in teacher assessment data (using numbers 1-7) for each learning objective (maths, reading, writing and science). An average 'grade' is then generated and all data can be easily be viewed on the 'overview' page for each pupil. The spreadsheet easily allows you to identify both pupil and class weaknesses/strengths and track progress.

Tracking sheets: These allow you to track children's 'grade' over the academic year. Use the overview sheet to feed pupil's names into the appropriate box. This is completed termly so that children's progress can be monitored. Each of the subjects is on a separate page allowing progress (or lack of it) to be evaluated.

Reports: Use the overview sheet to create a numerical style report, where each pupil is given a 'grade' for each strand in maths, reading, writing and science. A simple yet informative method for reporting to parents that takes a fraction of the time that traditional overly wordy reports take (more in line with the reports distributed in secondary education).

This system, plus my foundation subjects tracking system (see link below), will be all your school needs for tracking progress in this 'interesting' era of assessment without levels at a fraction of the price that some corporations charge! Please, leave feedback for this amazing, time-saving resource!

The KS2 package is also available or why not buy the complete Primary Package at a discounted price. Check out my shop - by clicking on my username - to find these packages plus lots more...

NOW ADDED: Foundation Subject Assessment and Tracking without Levels:

ALSO ADDED: Year 1, Year 2, Year 3, Year 4, Year 5 and Year 6 Math Assessments and Tracking Without Levels OR why not buy the KS1 Bundle, the KS2 Bundle or the complete Primary Bundle at a discounted price? Check out my shop for these great resources: https://www.tes.com/teaching-resources/shop/mrajlong

NOTE: Spreadsheet will need to be unlocked if editing is required. Password is provided in 'Introduction' file!
By Andrew Long

KS1 / KS2 Reading AssessmentTracker

A simple and easy to use Primary KS1/KS2 Class Reading Tracker which is easily adaptable to your own school and reading colour banding system.
This Primary KS1 / KS2 Class Reading Tracker records progress and attainment against Age Related Expectations for each year group and also includes Reading Recovery Levels which may be applicable to some children.
This is a free sample to show how the Reading Tracker might be used.
A Word document can be downloaded from TES at a Premium which can be easily edited if necessary to suit your school.
By ali30r

Phonics | Assessment | All Phases | Phases 2-5

This assessment resource provides you with everything you need in one handy pack!

I have created this pack with convenience in mind! Basically just download and you are virtually ready to go! You can make an assessment booklet for each student by printing back-to-back - one booklet for all phases - how handy is that? Should you wish to assess using single pages, each page contains a section for a student’s personal details.

The assessment booklet is made up of Master Recording Sheets, all clearly labelled, as well as Student Sheets to carry out the relevant tasks. These are provided for each phase.

The pack also includes all the materials you require to assess each stage: sound cards, tricky word cards, nonsense word cards, as well as the first hundred high frequency words. All cards are labelled by phase, set and type, as well as colour-coded by phase. Should you wish to save on colour ink, just print in grayscale - each card is labelled to avoid confusion.

Apart for printing the student booklet, the only other thing you need to do is give the cards a little attention! I would also recommend that you laminate each card, so they can be used over and over as you assess your whole class every year.

So basically print and laminate! Make sure to read the Teacher Notes, as well as the Assessment Summary and Assessment Instructions and you are good to go!

This pack has been a labour of love and I believe I had included everything needed for any educator to assess students’ progress in Letters and Sounds.

If you feel the pack would benefit from any additions - please contact me at teacherstoolkitblog@gmail.com

Also - a little heads up - watch this space, as a Phonics Passport for students will be hitting my shop very soon!



• Cover/Contents/Teacher Notes/TOU/Credits
• Booklet/Assessment Instructions/Assessment Summary
• Phase 2 Assessment
• Phase 3 Assessment
• Phase 4 Assessment
• Phase 5 Assessment
• Phase 2 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
• Phase 3 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
• Phase 4 Cards: Sounds/Tricky/Nonsense
• Phase 5 Cards: Sounds/Nonsense/100 HF




All Phonics Resources

By TeachersToolkit


Year 5 SPaG Assessment

SATS style grammar test based on new Year 5 curriculum (40 questions)
By waywelly

Reading Assessment Tracking (Assessment Without Levels)

Traffic light system to record assessments against the 2014 National Curriculum Reading Statements. APP style

Separate sheets for KS1 and KS2.

KS2 statements are colour coded if included in the KS2 Reading Test Framework for 2016 (draft).

Can be used as a summative record, as well as for assessment for learning by identifying gaps that need to be taught.
By Roz-Lila

White Rose Assessment Guidance Primary School WRMaths Whole Maths Pack

UPDATE - 1.7.18 - I have updated all the combined scores for the final summer assessment.
UPDATE - This update includes the new year 6 combined scores and the new year 2 combined scores. 29.3.18
Please note a slight change in the year 2 results (autumn) due to further data predictions to this years SATs test. Remember these are only a guide and have proved very useful and accurate in our school.
I have created an excel sheet to use as a whole school assessment for the NEW 2017/18 White Rose Maths assessment material. I work as part of the senior leadership team and lead mathematics. This is not perfect by any means. I have used previous SAT’s scores to inform my judgement. This is NOT to be taken as a pass or fail assessment material. I found it useful to look at a glance to see children’s results. I also can not predict the next terms test scores but will update accordingly if they change :) I hope you find it useful too.

By DaleSaxby

Writing Assessment Success Ladders

Hopefully you will find this is a more coherent and progress-based alternative to the current narrow interim guidance that Y2 and Y6 teachers must use. The assessment statements cover all of the aspects of writing, including the essential element of creativity.

This is a set of writing assessment ladders for Foundation to Year 6 pupils. The content is based on Age Related Expectations in Writing for National Curriculum 2014. There are also statements based on the Foundation Stage requirements and statements taken from previous L6 descriptions to cover pupils who exceed Year 6 A.R.E.

Statements can be used to set targets and monitor progress of pupils in writing. They could be stuck into books and used as success criteria for writing.

The ladders cover Spelling, Handwriting, Composition, Vocabulary, Grammar and Punctuation for all year groups. These are then broken down into Beginning, Developing and Secure to enable progress tracking.
By stoneywebs

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