Resources to mark Remembrance Day

Nicola Davison
29th October 2018
Poppies to represent remembrance day resources for EYFS, primary pupils

Assembly presentations, lesson plans and activity ideas to help pupils to remember fallen soldiers on Armistice Day

As 11 November approaches and the wearing of poppies becomes commonplace, it's vital that students of all ages understand the meaning and significance of Remembrance Day.

To help you to guide your reflections and commemorate those who have lost their lives in the line of duty, we’ve hand-picked a selection of top resources for early years, KS1 and KS2 classes.

EYFS resources

Remembrance Day

Adapted powerpoint for Remembrance Day. We also included video clips and music such as last post but these will not transfer to upload. Used within EYFS and ASD provision Includes Symbol support
By jovest

Count the poppies

3 worksheets. Count the poppies
By teresa1978

Remembrance Day Poppies - Activity

Two simple Remembrance Day poppies to colour and cut out. Simple facts / information included.

By mychalkface

KS1 resources

Remembrance Day Powerpoint

A powerpoint explaining Remebrance Day etc. Includes Tower of London etc
By andy7painter

Year 1 Comprehensions - Remembrance Day

This resource contains 4 comprehension activities with answers suitable for using with year 1.
They each contain a short piece of text (about 5 sentences) with words that can be sounded out. There are three trickier words which have pictures to help children work out what they say.
The text is followed by 5 simple questions.

The theme in this pack is ‘Remembrance Day.’ There are four different comprehensions:

  • What is Remembrance Day?
  • The First Remembrance Day
  • Why do we wear poppies?
  • The History of the Poppy

There is also a powerpoint included in the pack containing a slide for each text so that you can go through the comprehensions before the children complete them. Each slide also contains 3 words that are trickier to sound out, with sound buttons underneath them.

By Blossoming Minds

Remembrance Day powerpoint

A brief powerpoint I made for my Year 2 class, reminding them of what Remembrance Day is all about. Hope it's useful!
By emzbubble

Remembrance Day Quiz

A Remembrance day quiz for KS1 and perhaps even lower KS2. Can be used as a template for other questions.
By wackerley

KS2 resources

Remembrance Day Presentation

A ppt. giving some information about Remembrance Day and why we wear poppies. Hope you find it useful
By michelle.mearns

Remembrance Day Activity Pack KS2

These resources can be used to teach the children about Remembrance Day. They cover the following topics:

• What is Remembrance Day and how is it celebrated
• Animal War Heroes
• Child Heroes (Jutland Jack at The Battle of Jutland)
There is also a chance for children to reflect and create a 'Remember' acrostic poem.

These resources can be used alongside the excellent BBC web pages and videos so there is no need for long PowerPoint presentations or Interactive Slides (see below).

• Remembrance Day Information Text and Comprehension Worksheet:
- Explains what Remembrance Day is and gives an overview of WW1 and WW2.
The BBC Bitesize has lots of relevant and interesting videos at

• The Battle of Jutland (WW1):
- Jutland Jack Worksheets - Who was he? Why was he a hero? How he is remembered today and investigating war heroes recognised in the local area.
- Recounting the Battle of Jutland - News report template
Use the following BBC videos for these resources:

• Use of Animals in WW1 and WW2
- An information sheet all about how animals were used in both world wars
- An activity worksheet for the children to debate the use of animals in the military, looking at arguments for and against and then giving their own personal viewpoint using evidence from the text.
Use the following BBC videos for these resources:

• Remembrance acrostic poem template.

By PrimaryTopicTeacher

Remembrance Day Comprehension

Comprehension task differentiated for higher and lower ability children based on Remembrance Day and why we celebrate it. I will be using it with my Y4 children. The information and pictures within the file are from the internet. The questions I made myself.
By Jaken9

A Song for Remembrance Day

This resource contains two versions of the song: We Shall Remember. One is the vocal version to help the children learn the song; the other is the instrumental track for the children to sing along to. There is also a lyric sheet. The song can be used as part of an assembly to mark Remembrance Day. Alternatively, in can be taught to the children as part of classwork centred on Remembrance Day.
By RogerHurn

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