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Victoria Haughton
20th October 2017
Primary pupil holding an umbrella standing in front of different types of weather

Come rain or shine, allow younger learners to explore the weather with these stimulating activities

As leaves begin to fall and the seasons change there is no better time to introduce pupils to different types of weather. From rhymes, songs and dances, to translation activities and classroom displays, discover the joys of sunny days and rain showers with this collection of ideas. What are you waiting for?

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Part 1 of this What’s The Weather’ series introduces students to weather vocabulary. They will learn the difference between weather and climate; recognise different tools designed to measure weather, as well as benefit from some useful classroom reference posters.

Children are often scared of thunderstorms, but they love jumping in puddles of water and looking at rainbows after a storm ends. Making observations about the weather and discussing climate are great ways to teach children about science, especially since weather is something children can easily relate to and understand. Whether it’s clear and sunny or rainy and windy outside, weather and climate affect children’s lives every day. It dictates our wardrobe, sometimes affects our moods. It can bring us together as a community.

If students have an early curiosity in weather, not only could it help them in their Maths and Science studies in school, it may even inspire the next generation of forecasters or meteorologists!

Part 1 of this series introduces students to weather vocabulary. They will learn the difference between weather and climate; recognise different tools designed to measure weather, as well as benefit from some useful classroom reference posters.


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What’s The Weather Part 2: Activities

What’s The Weather Part 3: Literacy and Maths Activities

What’s The Weather Bundle Integrated Unit

By TeachersToolkit

French Weather Lesson KS1/2

A lesson plan and resources for teaching children weather words and phrases in French.
I used this resource with able KS1 children but would probably work for lower KS2 too.
The lesson takes about an hour (depending on size of group, ability of children and how long you choose to spend on some of the interactive activities.

The plan contains 3 sections:
an introduction - circle time activity
main - interactive games, flash card activities and practical group activities
independent activity and goodbye - time to complete independent worksheets and activities and say goodbye.

Resources include:
Flash Cards for display and learning vocab
Matching Pairs Game
Weather worksheets
Create your own weather forecast activity
Weather 'squares' game
Weather Bingo
Lesson Plan

The objectives of this lesson are:
By the end of the session most children will:
• Begin to learn some different words for weather
• Understand the question ‘what is the weather like?’
• Have practised answering weather questions in a sentence.

The planning is fairly flexible you can spend longer on some parts than others, do activities as a whole class or print multiple resources and work as smaller groups - whatever works for your group of children!

I have produced 10 lessons in total covering some of the French basics which you are also able to purchase either individually or as a bundle from my TES shop. Topics include: Introductions and Numbers, Colours, Weather, Age and Months, Farm Animals, Food, In My Pencil Case, Where I Live, Transport, Parts of the Body. All lessons follow a similar pattern and activities.

All the images I use are free to use and distribute with CCO licenses.
By mrspomme

Weather chart and daily calendar for EYFS KS1

A set of resources to be used daily to mark the date, season and weather.
Also included is a banner plus an individual weather chart that can be laminated and reused.
By highwaystar

Weather/Activities Pass the Parcel

Cut the phrases into strips. Students sit in a circle. Put weather strips in one envelope, activities in another. When music stops, student picks a weather and other student picks an activity. They read the sentence together. Topics also included; seasons and weather.

By gigiaz27


Activities and resources for different types of weather. Great to have ready to use whatever the weather.

By cal22

Weather Rhymes

A set of signs, each with a little rhyme about a different type of weather. I use these as part of our morning routine, along with the calendar.

By potatosoup

Sorting weather/ clothes

Sheets for cutting and sticking or laminating and matching the clothes people would wear in that weather.

By Ibuzzybea

Interactive Weather Chart for the IWB

Bright and cheerful IWB display for focusing on the weather. Six themed slides (Autumn, Winter, Christmas, Spring, Easter, Summer) with editable text boxes for Day, date and Month. Six bold animations for weather (sunny, windy, raining, snowing, cloud/sun, lightning) which are activated by triggers. When you press on a weather symbol it moves across to a square with the heading ‘Today’s weather is…’ Font is Sassoon font which is embedded and editable. extra choice of Comic Sans for those of you who have had difficulties editing the original version.

By bevevans22

Weather Dance - 5 dance lessons for K.S.1

This is a pack of five lessons for K.S.1 children, based on the weather. Each lesson can stand-alone. Each lesson ends with a whole class dance, which if done with a smaller group of children could easily be used in an assembly.

Each lesson uses either simple percussion instruments or recorded music. The list of suggested recorded music is given at the beginning of each pack, as well as on the resource section of the individual lessons.

Rain: looks at the effect the rain has on a flower. Looks at the movement of the actual rain.
Snow: looks at the movement of snow. Looks at snowdrifts, which the children create in pairs.
Sun: looks at the effect the sun has on our body. Looks at how actions can be turned into movements.
Wind: looks at the effect the wind has on a kite. Looks at the movement of the actual wind.
Storm: looks at the movements of clouds, rain and lightening in a storm
By RhymeRockRole

Winter Weather: A song about the weather in winter

A great addition to your 'Winter' Primary School Music Resources. The song touches on some of the different weather types experienced in winter and how to get rid of the winter blues by jumping and clapping and could be the prelude to a whole host of activities musical and otherwise. Have fun with this simple little song.
By sallykee

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