Festive fun for EYFS and primary

Sian Evans
24th November 2017
Gingerbread man and women with santa hats reflecting festive classroom activities for EYFS and primary pupils

Embrace the festive season with these cracking end-of-term Christmas activities

Deck the (school) halls; it’s almost Christmas! Whether you can believe it or not, it’s already time to start planning imaginative ways to add some festive cheer to your classroom. But don't panic - we're help to help...

EYFS and KS1 resources

Sprinkle the Christmas spirit onto consolidation tasks, such as these stocking-themed images for practising counting skills up to 20 or these snowman-themed CVC puzzles, to keep pupils engaged in the final few weeks.

As the season brings people together, develop young learners communication skills with these Christmas flashcards, which can be used to play snap and happy families. Or, bring some melismatic fa-la-la-ing into your classroom with this selection of Christmas songs, including well-loved classics as well as some simple rhymes.

Delve into many Christmas traditions with this extensive Widgit pack contains stories, writing activities and games, each with clear visual accompaniments. And, for a different approach to the Twelve Days of Christmas, this presentation replaces the traditional items with easily obtainable objects, which children can bring into the classroom.


Christmas Stockings - Number to 20

A festive PowerPoint to help consolidate recognition of numbers to 20.
By jbrigg

Phonics Christmas Snowman Puzzles - CVC Words

This pack contains 97 Snowman Puzzles for CVC words. Print onto card and/or laminate depending on preference. Cut along the dotted lines.

Great festive activity for continuous provision or interventions.
By FunkyPhonics

Snap It Up This Christmas! Christmas Themed Game of Snap

Christmas Snap! A bright and colourful resource that can be laminated and used for educational and fun activities.

1. There are 48 Christmas themed cards.

Other Christmas Resources

Santa Top Trumps

Santa Trumps is a bright and colourful resource that can be laminated and used for educational and fun activities. Top Trumps is a popular game. The game involves trying to collect the most cards by comparing scores for various attributes. Santa Top Trumps The first set feature a score for each attribute - speed, agility, strength, endurance and magical powers - all important things for Santa! The second set features a multiplication operation up to 20. The resource also contains a fully editable PowerPoint in which the mathematical operation can be added. For example addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, fractions, mixed operations and calculations etc

Christmas-Themed Happy Families

Happy Families involves collecting all 4 members of the family.

1. There are 56 cards ( 14 families) printed with Christmas themed pictures. The resource also includes the rules of the game.

3. The resource could be used for other educational activities - sorting, a stimulus for creative writing, pictures could be cut out and used to make Christmas cards, Christmas calendars, Christmas bookmarks and other Christmas decorations. etc The resource also includes the rules of the game.
Suitable for pupils in all years as the mathematical operations can be tailored to suit all pupil abilities. Also appropriate for older SEN pupils.

All of these resources can help to develop communication and language skills, social interaction skills, turn taking and following rules.

For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate

Thinking of publishing your own resources or already an author and want to improve your resources and sales? Check out this 'must have' step by step guide.

How to Become a Successful TES Author: Step by Step Guide
By Krazikas

Christmas songs a collection of 14

Lots of traditional and new Christmas songs, including: 'We wish you a Merry Christmas' 'When Santa got stuck up the chimney' and '5 Christmas Puddings' to name but a few. Lots of Christmas fun! In both 97-2003 format and .docx
By pepperchampagne

Christmas Pack

A wide range of symbolised resources to support teaching and learning at Christmas time. More resources can be downloaded from: www.widgit.com/resources
By WidgitSoftware

Ten Days of Christmas, Senses Counting book and IWB

Book that incorporates counting 1-10 and senses to the tune/ structure of The Twelve days of Christmas. Particularly suitable for children with Special Educational Needs needing concrete and repetitive activities. The objects in the story are easily obtainable, For the last page add fun items inside the stockings (or socks) The PDF version is a book, cut the panels out where marked to make finding the pages easy. The PPT version can be used on the IWB as an alternative or supplemental to the book.

By 1castleschool

KS2 resources

‘Tis the season to be…arty! This detailed resource pack contains a variety of Christmas-themed craft suggestions, including instructions for making 3D ornaments. For something completely different, why not inject some of the festive fun into your PE lessons with these easy-to-lead games?

Tackle core literacy skills, while keeping pupils motivated as they embrace the Christmas spirit, with this holiday story competition. Plus, learners can help the three wise men to save Christmas with this interactive maths gamewhich demonstrates the rules of symmetry.

Why not test students’ general knowledge with this seasonal quiz, comprised of rounds on trivia, yuletide lyrics and festive films? Finally, give children a break from thinking too hard with an end-of-term treat in the form of Christmas bingo.


Christmas Crafts

Christmas Crafts

Are you ready for some fun Christmas crafts? Here are 24 pages of Christmas fun! Your students will create 3D boxes, ornaments, houses and Christmas cards out of paper.

Square boxes (5 different designs)
Pyramid boxes (5 different designs)
Square base trapezium boxes (5 different designs)
3D Houses (4 options)
Christmas cards (5 different designs)

Each craft template has an empty space where students can write a message. This personalizes the activities and encourages students to use their language skills.

I hope your students enjoy the Christmas fun!

Please email me if you have any questions (duplessislindy@gmail.com).

Have fun teaching,
Lindy du Plessis
(Shop name: Lindy loves to teach)
By lindylovestoteach

5 Christmas PE Games

The 5 Christmas PE Games pack provides teachers with 5 different PE Games focused around the topic of Christmas. The PE games are focused on developing coordination, movement and thinking skills. All of the games provide a visual and description to make the teaching simple. All games include opportunities for differentiation.

The 5 Christmas PE Games pack includes a cover page and 5 Christmas PE Games.

Perfect for Primary / Elementary / Physical Education Teachers who are looking for Christmas related PE activities and exercises.
By The PE Shed

Fun Christmas Writing activity- 201 word challenge

Perfect Christmas time filler, ideal for Literacy KS2. Success Criteria can be adapted/changed to suit ability of children.
By frowen

Christmas Symmetry

Use this friendly presentation and interactive game to demonstrate symmetry. The idea is simple but fun. Help the three wise men to save Christmas.
By Jools LOGAN

Fun Christmas Quiz KS2- with 5 different rounds

Made for end of term Christmas activity for years 3, 4, 5 and 6. Set of 25 mixed questions with answers on last slide. Ranging in difficulty. I have made it with 5 rounds- * Christmas Trivia * Complete the Christmas lyrics * Guess the Christmas film * Odd one out * Word unscramble Enjoy!
By SamJayne01

Christmas Bingo (Class of 30 students)

Christmas, Library Lesson, Literacy Skills. Games, Bingo, Activities, A fun task for students to play at the end of term while at the same time focusing on literacy skills. Students just cross off the word as it is called and word is placed on the Word sheet by the Caller. Could be adapted by using just pictures rather than words for SEN activity or translated into other languages. Enjoy!
By cfinlay

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