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05th February 2020
Decorated pancake representing Shrove Tuesday in EYFS and Primary

Engage young learners with these pancake-themed resources

Are you ready to dust off your frying pan and showcase your pancake-flipping skills on 25 February? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this selection of themed activities exploring aspects of literacy and maths, as well as the origins of Shrove Tuesday. What more could you ask for?

Lent & Shrove Tuesday

A simple power-point to help explai n about lent and pancake day. For an idea on how to use… I used a picture of a pancake and glued it in the children’s books and asked them to write what they would give up for Lent and then decorate the pancake

By SarahJayne66

Design a pancake with info about pancake day

A quick powerpoint presentation with a short description of what Shrove Tuesday is. Worksheet design a pancake (bit of RE/Literacy/Art) ties in with adjective use. If you have found this useful please favourite and rate :)
By landoflearning

Pancake Day - Instructions

The resources contained here are pictures showing the order of making a pancake, ordering activity of how to make a pancake including different levels of abilities and an instruction writing frame for children to write there own instructions on how to make a pancake.
By ruthbentham

Maths: grid method and pancake day!

Testing the children’s grid method skills by using their existing knowledge to complete the recipe card. Tests multiplying by 10 and 100 too!

By fairyclare123

Pancake day problems

Differentiated problems. BA - simple picture addition A - - and + problems AA - very challenging measurement problems (working with support) Names in problems can easily be changed - change them to names of children in your class, always creates some giggles! Hope this helps :) If you like it please add as favourite.
By landoflearning

Pancake day Resource Collection

A selection of simple resources to support Pancake day within the classroom. Activities for basic number work and letter work plus a writing frame and items for display
By bevevans22

Pancake Day Poster Recipe

Pancake Day Poster Recipe. For more Pancake Day /Shrove Tuesday resources, please just follow the 'WEB&' link to Primary Treasure Chest.
By PrimaryTreasureChest

Pancake Day Worksheets

Pancake Day Worksheets

Pancake Day Reading Comprehension, Instructions and Descriptive Writing Worksheets

This download includes an information on Pancake Day text with some reading comprehension questions. There is also an instruction sheet for children to order and illustrate a pancake recipe. The Descriptive writing sheets are for children to draw then describe their favourite pancake toppings with word prompts. All include answer keys.
There is also a maths comprehension sheet based on pancake recipes.
Finally I have also included a Pancake Day word search just for fun.

This download includes:
- Pancake Day reading comprehension questions
- Order instructions worksheet
- Descriptive writing worksheets
- Complete answer keys
- Math comprehension questions
- Pancake Day word search

Thanks for looking.
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By The Ginger Teacher

Pancake Day Maths - Money

This resource is a Pancake Day themed maths resource on the addition of money to 20p. It contains eight worksheets with answers . Tasks include calculating the price of toppings for pancakes and choosing the correct coins to pay for them - using 1p, 2p, 5p, 10p and 20p coins. It is an ideal maths resource for use during the Lent and Easter period.

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Pancake Day Maths - Money to 10p Worksheets

Pancake Day Maths - Money to 50p Worksheets

Addition and Subtraction to 10 - Twenty Worksheets

This resource contains a set of 20 Pancake Day themed worksheets on addition and subtraction to 10.

Pancake Themed Word Problems

This resource contains pancake-themed word problems ranging from simple addition to multiplication, division, fractions and percentages. There are 8 differentiated worksheets.

Pancake Themed Coordinates Game

This is a pancake-themed coordinates team game and partner game on using and locating coordinates in the first quadrant. In the team version, teams have to locate pancakes or pancake ingredients - milk, eggs, flour by choosing a coordinate. 1 point scored for an ingredient - two points if they locate a pancake. There are 10 printed grids for partner games. Team and partner score sheets can be printed off the PowerPoint.

Addition and Subtraction to 10 - Twenty Worksheets

This resource contains a set of 20 Pancake Day themed worksheets on addition and subtraction to 10.

More Lent and Easter Resources

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By Krazikas

Pancake Day

Pancake Day / Shrove Tuesday resource pack - suitable for upper KS2 or lower KS3. The pack includes a PowerPoint full of information as well as a quiz, a differentiated clip task, a creative activity (the frying pan of knowledge) and measurable LOs. It is designed to last an hour (perhaps would last over) and everything is editable, well-differentiated and all information included, so you can just pick it up and go.

The slides shown are just a preview sample.

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By EC Resources

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