Pancake Day picks for EYFS and primary

Sian Evans and Victoria Haughton
01st February 2018
Decorated pancake representing Shrove Tuesday in EYFS and Primary

Whip up a pancake-themed frenzy in your classroom with these engaging resources

Are you ready to dust off your frying pan and showcase your pancake-flipping skills on 13 February? If not, don’t worry! We’ve got you covered with this selection of themed activities exploring aspects of literacy and maths, as well as the origins of Shrove Tuesday.  What more could you ask for?

Introductory activities

What is Shrove Tuesday and why do we celebrate it? Explore the religious reasons for making pancakes on the day before Lent and provide pupils with a detailed overview of the festivities using these creative presentations and quizzes.

Lent & Shrove Tuesday

A simple power-point to help explai n about lent and pancake day. For an idea on how to use… I used a picture of a pancake and glued it in the children’s books and asked them to write what they would give up for Lent and then decorate the pancake

By SarahJayne66

Shrove Tuesday 2017: Pancake Day – February 2017

Shrove Tuesday 2017: Pancake Day – February 2017

Contents of pack:

PowerPoint presentation that includes:

Learning outcomes:

• Choose four new vocabulary words from the PowerPoint and find the definitions either using the PowerPoint or a dictionary.
• Demonstrate an understanding of Shrove Tuesday by taking part in a quiz.
• Answer a written question about Shrove Tuesday.

24 slides about Shrove Tuesday
Task sheets
Word search
Craft idea
Pancake recipe
By CollEd

Design a pancake with info about pancake day

A quick powerpoint presentation with a short description of what Shrove Tuesday is. Worksheet design a pancake (bit of RE/Literacy/Art) ties in with adjective use. If you have found this useful please favourite and rate :)
By landoflearning

Pancake Day and Lent Teaching Resources

A super teaching resource based on the Shrove Tuesday, Pancake Day and Lent.

Pancake Day and Lent PowerPoint Presentation: a super presentation looking why pancakes are made on Shrove Tuesday to mark the onset of Lent.

A recipe booklet for making pancakes for your children to complete.
By jessplex

Literacy lessons

From deciphering recipe instructions to describing their favourite pancake toppings, develop students’ writing and comprehension skills with these themed lesson ideas. There’s something to engage every pupil!

Mr. Wolf's Pancakes: recipe and worksheets

Based on the book' Mr. Wolf&'s Pancakes&'; by Jan Fearnley. Picture recipe and simple writing sheets for over writing activity to record the ingredients. Can be used with ASD pupils and pupils with communication difficulties. Can be used in conjunction with work about pancake day.
By billandlynda

Shrove Tuesday / Pancake Day Teaching Resources

A literacy lesson plan covering making and tasting of pancakes, retelling / sequencing of ‘The Runaway Pancake’ and writing a recount / instructions on making pancakes. A simple recipe to use with children ‘How to make Pancakes’ and a simple version of ‘The Runaway Pancake’

By bestprimaryteachingresources

Pancake Day - Instructions

The resources contained here are pictures showing the order of making a pancake, ordering activity of how to make a pancake including different levels of abilities and an instruction writing frame for children to write there own instructions on how to make a pancake.
By ruthbentham

Pancake Day Worksheets

Pancake Day Worksheets

Pancake Day Reading Comprehension, Instructions and Descriptive Writing Worksheets

This download includes an information on Pancake Day text with some reading comprehension questions. There is also an instruction sheet for children to order and illustrate a pancake recipe. The Descriptive writing sheets are for children to draw then describe their favourite pancake toppings with word prompts. All include answer keys.
There is also a maths comprehension sheet based on pancake recipes.
Finally I have also included a Pancake Day word search just for fun.

This download includes:
- Pancake Day reading comprehension questions
- Order instructions worksheet
- Descriptive writing worksheets
- Complete answer keys
- Math comprehension questions
- Pancake Day word search

Thanks for looking.
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By The Ginger Teacher

Numeracy resources

Help students digest popular maths topics by linking numeracy skills to Pancake Day with the help of this selection of challenges, worksheets and in-class activities. What are you waiting for?

Numeracy - Money - Pancake toppings

This is numeracy activity involving money linked to pancake day. Depending on the ability of the children, they have to pick 2 or 3 toppings, record these on the record sheet then calculate the total cost.
By ruthbentham

Maths: grid method and pancake day!

Testing the children’s grid method skills by using their existing knowledge to complete the recipe card. Tests multiplying by 10 and 100 too!

By fairyclare123

Pancake-Themed Maths' Resource Bundle - Money, Word Problems, Addition and Subtraction

This resource contains a bundle of 4 pancake themed maths resources containing 53 worksheets in total, ideal for use on pancake day and during the Lent season. Purchased individually these resources would cost £11.25. Save money and buy the bundle for just £4.99, a massive saving of 56%.

The bundle contains

1. Pancake Themed Money - Addition and Subtraction from 10p to £5 - Set of 15 worksheets.

2. Pancake Themed Addition and Subtraction to 10 - set of 20 worksheets.

3. Pancake Themed Counting to 10 - Set of 10 worksheets.

4. Pancake Themed Word Problems - Set of 8 worksheets.

The bundle also includes a complimentary Pancake / Lent word search.

Click on the individual resource links for further details.

[More Maths Resources](

For more inspiring educational resources visit Inspire and Educate
By Krazikas

Pancake day problems

Differentiated problems. BA - simple picture addition A - - and + problems AA - very challenging measurement problems (working with support) Names in problems can easily be changed - change them to names of children in your class, always creates some giggles! Hope this helps :) If you like it please add as favourite.
By landoflearning

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