Harvest festival resources for EYFS and primary

Nicola Davison
07th September 2018
image of fruit and vegetables to celebrate the harvest festival

Celebrate the harvest festival with these hand-picked lesson plans, assembly scripts and song ideas

With the summer holidays feeling like a distant memory, it is already time to start thinking about the beginning of autumn and the much-loved harvest festival. That’s why we’ve chosen some of the top harvest-related resources to save you time and effort as you prepare to tackle this seasonal topic in the classroom.

Lesson planning inspiration

Whether you are looking for schemes of work, full lessons or easy-to-use activities, we have selected a variety of ways to help your students to discover where food comes from and understand the harvest period. 


Powerpoint story - Pip at harvest

Harvest. The story of ‘wheat to loaf’ as discovered by my puppet Pip. A language resource for EY or KS1. (Stalk mistake now corrected) If you like it- why not try one of the other Pip stories.

Harvest Festival Plans - Enormous Turnip and Stone Soup

Harvest Festival plans for the EYFS to be done over 2 days.

Day 1 Plan: The Enormous Turnip.

Areas of learning - RE, Literacy, Expressive Arts and Design

Day 2 Plan: Stone Soup.

Area of Learning - Physical Development
By MagicalEYFS

Harvest Game - Guess my fruit ... or veg .........

A simple Harvest Game (with instructions) aimed at improving question asking, listening skills and deduction in a guessing game format.
By nhktfc


Powerpoint showing variety of images of types of Sukkah. Powerpoint illustrating the lulav Booklet to support class study of Jewish festival of Sukkot.
By Pamela2223


These resources explore how Christians and Jews celebrate Harvest or Sukkot. The interactive resources are supported by detailed lesson plans, writing frames and assessment activities

By Hwb Digital Learning for Wales

Harvest Festival and Food Around The World

A power point explaining about Harvest, and that different food comes from all over the world. A cut out and stick activity map and 3 X foods to photocopy. A complete map to help teacher/children. ENJOY! :)
By MrsBourdon

Harvest: Harvest Poetry

Great for harvest festival performances!
A one-week literacy unit based on creating and performing harvest poetry about a fieldmouse trying to keep safe when the farmer is harvesting the fields. At the end of the week pupils will have prepared a performance of their harvest poem.

The five lessons in this unit give children the opportunity to read and listen to a classic harvest poem and to consider how the sounds and language patterns come alive when it is read aloud, in particular its use of verbs and commands. Children will have the opportunity to engage imaginatively with the poem and to create their own version of a harvest poem to perform aloud.

The aims of the unit for pupils are:
• To listen to a classic harvest poem being read aloud
• To identify verbs
• To use command sentences
• To prepare a poetry performance including actions
• To perform a poem to an audience

The final performances would also be perfect for a harvest assembly or harvest festival.

By KS2History

Harvest resources

I made these a while ago but they are always brought out every year. There are 3 invite formats, 2 writing frames and an editable label for the inevitable display that follows!! Hope they are useful.
By ptaylor

Harvest assembly ideas

Make sure that this year’s assembly is a memorable one for your whole school using these adaptable resources, designed to spark conversations about the meaning of harvest both at home and abroad.


Harvest Festival Presentation

A 20 page presentation explaining what harvest is, when it takes place around the world, its history in Britain and how it is celebrated today. Each slide has a short piece of explanatory text accompanied by a picture.
It could be used as part of a lesson or for an assembly for children aged 4 -11.

By Blossoming Minds

harvest assembly

an assembly using the word HARVEST and other words that can be made from it and making an assembly for it.

By thehawk

Harvest Assembly plan and activities.

Celebrate harvest with us! is our exciting new teaching resource which includes inspiring assemblies and teaching activities, including a chance to work outside of the classroom by starting a school garden project. Our resource introduces students to the issues facing people who grow their own food, and their motivation.

By ChristianAid

Harvest festivals around the world

This is a simple powerpoint which tells the children a little bit about the different harvest festivals that are celebrated around the world. It can be adapted to encourage the children to think about the harvest celebrations and special events that you may be having at school.
By bgreen73

Songs for harvest

No celebration is complete without music and there are a wide variety of genres to inspire your own harvest sing-a-long. From traditional lyrics to new adaptations, there is something for everyone! 


Vegetable Rap for Harvest or other performance

This rap has good rhythm and rhyme. It is about vegetables. I put it together for our Harvest and my class wore caps and bling and tried out the 'attitude' to give a very confident and entertaining performance. I thought that others might like to use it or extract some of the ideas. Some of it is my own. Some of it came from the children. Some of it is 'borrowed' from elsewhere - you'll recognise bits I am sure. Have fun - and please leave feedback!.
By travellersintime

Cauliflowers Fluffy - Harvest song

A illustrated Power Point to be used to illustrate the fruit and vegtables mentioned. It can be used as a singing aid or a discusssion point. I would really appreciate your feedback. (the pictures are largely from Google Images so thank you.)

By Bearwen Strider

The Harvest Gospel - infectious Harvest song

A new really good fun song for the Harvest festival written in a Gospel style. This song has proved very popular so I’ve added parts for different year groups. There are now parts for each year group. Check out the audio demo and backing track. If you like this song please comment.

Also please check out ‘Harvest Hoe Down’ which is in a country style complete with line dance! kidzmusicals@icloud.com

plus! REGGAE REGGAE HARVEST! See the You Tube link to this new song.

By musicals4kidz

Frozen Harvest Song

I re-wrote the song 'Let it Go&' with a harvest theme. The children loved it and learned it so quickly being so familiar with the tune. It took me a while to write so thought I would save other teacher&';s time during the busy Autumn term and share it! You can get the backing track from Itunes.
By Jenerena

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