Top Diwali resources for EYFS and primary

Nicola Davison
03rd October 2016
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Hand-picked lesson and activity ideas to celebrate the festival of lights with your learners

Diwali, celebrated on Sunday 30 October this year, is one of the biggest events in the Hindu calendar. Marked with lamp-lighting, fireworks and family feasts, this five-day festival commemorates the triumph of light over darkness, and good over evil.

Why not recreate the celebrations and explore Diwali traditions with your class using these popular resources? From introductory presentations to themed cross-curricular activities, we’ve got you covered.

EYFS and KS1 resources

  1. Story of Rama and Sita
    Use this illustrated presentation to tell the story of the first Diwali and discover why diva lamps are an important part of the celebration.
  2. Sequencing activity
    Support pupils as they retell the story of Rama and Sita using these differentiated worksheets, including a handy word bank.
  3. Diwali rhyme
    Ideal for performance in an assembly, this song, set to a familiar tune, neatly captures the main themes of the festival of lights.
  4. Diva lamp counting
    Practise counting and number recognition by asking pupils to count the number of lit lamps in this simple activity.

KS2 resources

  1. Diwali traditions
    Introduce pupils to the story and customs of Diwali with this colourful presentation, complete with an animated cartoon.
  2. Mathematical rangoli patterns
    ​Integrate previous learning on shape, probability and transformations with the story of Rama and Sita in this well-structured lesson.
  3. Creating diva lamps
    In this short project, learners consider the functions of candle holders and traditional diva lamp designs in order to sculpt their own lamp out of clay.
  4. Barfi recipe
    Encourage students to get creative in the kitchen by making barfi, a traditional sweet, offered as gifts during the festival.

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