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Sian Evans
27th October 2017
Picture of Fireworks on post about Bonfire Night resources for EYFS and primary pupils

Remember, remember the fifth of November with these EYFS and primary activities  

Bonfire Night is fast approaching and whether it sparks ideas of fireworks, toffee apples or making your own Guy Fawkes, it is an engaging date in the calendar for any EYFS and primary pupils. From history presentations to creative lesson ideas, we have selected a range of resources to help you make the most of this cross-curricular topic and create a buzz for learners.

Overview presentations

Explain why we celebrate Bonfire Night to young learners with this straightforward presentation, packed full of images that document its history. Further walk pupils through the events of 1605 with these colourful slides.

Continue to cover the origins of Bonfire Night with these information sheets, jam-packed with facts about the origins of fireworks and advice for keeping safe. Alternatively, explore the role of Guy Fawkes in the Gunpowder Plot with this comprehensive presentation, which could be used in an assembly and leaves students with a detailed understanding of the events that are remembered each year.

Bonfire Night

A very simple presentation on why we celebrate bonfire night.
By MaisieEmilie

The Gunpowder Plot ppt

A powerpoint presentation about Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot.
By ehazelden

Remember, remember, the fifth of November

Two information texts on Bonfire Night and the history of the Gunpowder Plot - perfect for the literacy lesson. One for ages 5 to 7, the other for ages 7 to 11.
By TLChelen

Guy Fawkes and The Gunpowder Plot Presentation

This resource contains a fully editable, 50-slide PowerPoint on Guy Fawkes and his role in the Gunpowder Plot and how this has resulted in bonfire night.

The content includes references to

- Guy Fawkes’ religious background

- The intolerance of James I towards Roman Catholics

- The Plot

- The anonymous letter

- Guy Fawkes arrest, trial and execution

- The conspiracy theory

- The Act of Thanksgiving

The PowerPoint ends with questions for discussion.

In 2002 in a poll conducted by the BBC, Guy Fawkes was named the 30th Greatest Briton. What do you think about Guy Fawkes and his planned role in the gunpowder plot? Was he a hero or a terrorist?

Do you think Guy Fawkes and the conspirators should have been sentenced to death and hung, drawn and quartered?

What do you think about James I and his treatment towards, and intolerance of, Catholics?

The PowerPoint contains hyperlinks to two videos about Guy Fawkes and Gunpowder Plot.

Further Guy Fawkes and Bonfire Night Resources

Bonfire Night 50 Question PowerPoint Quiz

Thinking of publishing your own resources? Check out this step-by-step guide.

How to Become a Successful TES Author

By Krazikas

Topical ideas

Taking inspiration from modern celebrations of Bonfire Night, teach your early years class this engaging song during a movement lesson in order to get them excited about fireworks. Or, why not take the time to fully explore the different elements of Bonfire Night with this creative resource pack, filled with a variety of imaginative activities.  

Similarly, this collection of cross-curricular worksheets provides plenty of task ideas to use with your students in the run up to the main event, while these fact cards will ignite pupils’ interest in the history behind the celebrations.

Firework / bonfire Night song

Simple song suitable for Early years movement lesson on bonfirenight /fireworks

By siwsi

Bonfire Night Creative Pack

Suitable for 3- 11 year-olds. Includes create your own blow painting fireworks, making breadstick sparklers, chocolate-dipped apple recipe, making a bonfire collage, colouring pages, bonfire night and firework themed story and poetry writing sheets.
By YoungWriters

Guy Fawkes & Bonfire Night worksheet

Remember Remember the 5th of November!
These worksheets are simple and fun to work through, require no preparation from you and give plenty of activities to fill the week leading up to Bonfire Night!
I've included:

-Key Terms
-Fill in the blanks

[Writing Templates]
-Summarize the story
-Make your own sentence
-What do people do to celebrate Bonfire Night?

-Imagination workout ( Finish the drawing.)
-Remember Remember ( Poem )
-Handwriting pages
-Guy Fawkes Night Vocabulary
-Word Research
- Timeline of Guy Fawkes
- Acrostic Poem
-Bonfire Night
-Describe the 5W's of the story
-Writing a newspaper article ( Extra! Extra! )
-About Guy Fawkes
-Draw the Guy Fawkes Mask
-Lesson plan

40 pages
By lastlawn

Bonfire Night Facts

Bonfire Night Facts: A series of 24 fun facts related to Bonfire Night and fireworks. A perfect addition to your Bonfire Night display or Working Wall. Matching items are available. Gunpowder Plot facts are available separately.

For more Outstanding Resources for Outstanding Teachers, please visit my website
By Helen Rachel Crossley

Subject-specific activities  

Ensure you maths lessons go off with a bang with these Fireworks Night shopping worksheets, which will engage your primary pupils with money-based word problems. Or, why not combine teaching learners about Guy Fawkes with this handwriting practice pack to help them clearly form letters of the alphabet?

Once they have perfected their writing, use this Bonfire Night word mat to stimulate students to write creatively about what happens on the fifth of November. Alternatively introduce learners to non-chronological reports with this themed exercise.

Bonfire, firework night shopping

A collection of worksheets/activity cards to use around November 5th. Basically word problems involving money calculations. There is price list of items that could have been bought at a firework event, this you could use as a demo or a make your own problems card. Then there are 3 differentiated word problem sheets. You could make them more tricky by adding a 'change from&' element. Made originally for Y3 but could be edited to suit higher or lower ability.
By Malinky8

Guy Fawkes themed: Cursive Alphabet Handwriting Worksheets for 5 - 11 years

Needing to teach children to write clearly formed joined letters?

This resource combines teaching children about Guy Fawkes and Bonfire night with letter writing practice.

It uses an award-winning writing font teaching children where to start, which direction to write and where to stop. This is particularly useful for children with dyslexia, dyspraxia and for those who are slow writers.

Teach children the where to start, which direction to write and where to stop for joined writing using Guy Fawkes and the gunpowder plot as a theme. As well as learning how to join letters each page as a mini quiz where a child must guess the word linked to Guy Fawkes that they have written. This takes away the dullness of letter and number writing. I use it and I know it works

It helps children in Reception, Years 1 to 6, meeting the UK curriculum needs of Foundation Stage, Key Stage 1 and 2 to develop:

• Letter formations and joins
• Establishing handwriting movement patterns
• Starting and finishing points
• The correct direction to follow

Created by myself, I use occupational therapy techniques to improve a child’s writing throughout the pack by using a developmental process.

You do not need to think of anything as it has been done for you!

Just print out and use. There are 3 pages of worksheets.

Suitable to whole class, small groups and 1 to 1 sessions.

* This is a section of the Handwriting Worksheets for 7 -11 years: Success with Guy Fawkes

For full details follow this link:
In that resource a child is shown how to sit, hold a pencil and position the paper. It also develops letter practice by writing sentences and stories. If you think that maybe more relevant to your needs then click on the weblink.

About Help with Handwriting:
This resource has been designed by myself, Sheilagh Blyth, using over 20 years of school-based occupational therapy experience and the latest handwriting research. It is suitable for all children in your class including those with special educational needs.

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➯ If you would like to read more about helping children learn to write, here is a link to my blog []

By HelpwithHandwriting

Bonfire night word mats

Brightly coloured cards with clear illustrations. First version is in a plain printed font, version 2 uses Sassoon Font throughout.
By bevevans22

Non-chronological report about Guy Fawkes

Non-chronological report on Guy Fawkes
By Neeka

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