Harvest Around the World PresentationQuick View

Harvest Around the World Presentation

A 20 page presentation that describes harvest celebrations around the world. It covers Thanksgiving in the USA, rice festivals in Asia, the Jewish festival of Sukkot, the fruit festival in Thailand, the moon festival of harvest in China and the yam festival in Ghana. Perfect as part of a lesson or for an assembly for children aged 4 -11.
Harvest Assembly/Performance Poem: The Harvest Red CarpetQuick View

Harvest Assembly/Performance Poem: The Harvest Red Carpet

Celebrate Harvest with this performance poem parade! Hosted by Dingle Dangle the Scarecrow, the harvest of cereals, vegetables and fruit are celebrated as they walk down the red carpet. Well known Harvest songs can be performed at any point during the assembly to compliment this performance poem/parade.
A Harvest StoryQuick View

A Harvest Story

This PDF File and presentation will be very useful to KS1 as an assembly idea or as a class story linked to fables as there is a moral in the story. The two characters in the story are a spider and a little bug, the setting is in a cornfield. The bug warns the spider that the farmer will be coming soon to gather the crop. I won't tell you the rest as I don't want to spoil it for you! The story is adapted from one I read and I have rewritten it myself in child friendly vocabulary. There are a set of discussion questions which will be good for talking and listening sessions after the children have either read or heard the story.
Year 1 comprehensions - HarvestQuick View

Year 1 comprehensions - Harvest

This resource contains 4 comprehension activities suitable for using with year 1 or lower ability year 2. They each contain a short piece of text with words that can be sounded out. There are three trickier words which have pictures to help children work out what they say. The text is followed by 5 simple questions. The theme in this pack is 'Harvest.' There are four different comprehensions: What is harvest? Thanksgiving Harvest around the world Harvest in Britain There is also a PowerPoint included in the pack containing a slide for each text so that you can go through the comprehensions before the children complete them. Each slide also contains 3 words that are trickier to sound out, with sound buttons underneath them. PDF file format and editable Microsoft word format included in the price.
Harvest Assembly and PoemQuick View

Harvest Assembly and Poem

This is a Harvest assembly which can be used to explore what Harvest is, why we celebrate it and how it is celebrated. It also includes an acrostic poem where children can get involved. There is a link to a Harvest song which can be used for a class/school to sing along.
Harvest Presentations BundleQuick View

Harvest Presentations Bundle

This bundle contains 3 presentations about harvest, perfect for using in assemblies, RE lessons or history lessons. The 3 presentations are: What is harvest? Harvest around the world Thanksgiving
Harvest AssemblyQuick View

Harvest Assembly

A class assembly script and powerpoint, used very successfully by my year 5 class. Easy to adapt and update. Please leave feedback.
A Harvest Poem 'It's Harvest Time'Quick View

A Harvest Poem 'It's Harvest Time'

A fun poem for children of any age, easily fits to actions and owing to repeated phrases and simple rhyme pattern is easy to remember. Good for assemblies or Harvest festivals!
Harvest poemQuick View

Harvest poem

I used this poem for an assembly, not sure where I got it from, was not written by me so certainly cannot take the credit!! I have also added the posters that children can hold up. Topcis also included: classroom display.
Harvest Hoe Down - a new song for Harvest AssemblyQuick View

Harvest Hoe Down - a new song for Harvest Assembly

Here's a KS1/2 Harvest song in a country style. It is written to have a line dance in the middle of it - you could do 'The Funky Cowboy' as demonstrated in the video, or get the children to create a 'Harvesting Line Dance' with digging and reaping actions. If you don't fancy the line dance, simply repeat a verse or write some lyrics of your own. There is a vocal demo, a backing track, a score and a set of lyrics.
Harvest ActivitiesQuick View

Harvest Activities

COMPREHENSION This is a brilliant comprehension to use in English when talking about harvest as it links to RE. I would recommend it for year 2 and up. It is based on the song Cauliflowers Fluffy which you can find here on youtube: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=JRQEQgyGAGA Here are four differentiated sheets with the lyrics of the songs and questions underneath. Extended level: Retrieval and higher order thinking questions (Why, What does it mean..., Which word tells you that...) Core: Focused more on simple retrieval from the text. Lower Core: Simple retrieval from the text but scaffolded multiple choice for half of the questions. Nurture, SEN, EAL: Using the song and text children read for mening and find colour and adjective used to describe the fruit/veg and draw the harvest basket. BAR CHARTS These differentiated maths sheets are about on bar charts: Children read the table of how many children like which fruit and make a bar chart of it plus they answer questions about it. It is differentiated into bar charts that go up in 1s, 2s and 5s. It is further differentiated for each (1s, 2s or 5s) - one is more scaffolded and the bar chart has been prepared, the other needs children to label their own bar chart. Furthermore the same activity again but with a blank table for children to investigate in their own class and create a car chart from there. ADDING SEVERAL NUMBERS Here are 6 differentiated worksheets (2 pages each) that I made for my class to relate maths learning to Harvest. On each sheet, the letters of the alphabet are printed at the top and each letter has a value. Children then have to work out the total of several harvest words printed on the sheet. 1. There are three sheets designed for applying mental strategies to work out name scores: -WALT add using mental strategies: Adding single-digit numbers using basic number bonds. - WALT add using mental strategies: Adding several multiples of 10. - WALT add using mental strategies: Adding several multiples of 100. 2. There are three more differentiated sheets, where children can apply the column method or a calculator for addition to work out the score of each name: - WALT add several two-digit numbers (each individual number below 30). - WALT add several two-digit numbers (each individual number below 50). - WALT add several two-digit numbers (each individual number below 100). The children then work out their own word's score and compare them to the other words :) Can easily be edited for your own classes.
Assembly about HarvestQuick View

Assembly about Harvest

A 15 minute assembly about Harvest time. Includes a moment of reflection at the end and an inspirational video to play as students enter the assembly.
HarvestQuick View


This pack includes a power point, word cards, a word mat and some writing templates for your Harvest topic. Ideal for EYFS and KS1. If you use and like this resource, I'd be very grateful if you left a review. To be kept informed on any new resources I publish please click Taylor's Teaching Timesaversand follow me.
Harvest Themed Colouring PageQuick View

Harvest Themed Colouring Page

A colouring activity to help students learn about the seasons, food, and harvest time. Ideal for primary school students, and students learning English as a foreign language. To follow my world first solo row around the coast of Britain and daily life as an explorer: * Free educational videos: YouTube: https://www.youtube.com/c/sarahrowssolo or Amazon Video: http://amzn.to/2jno3v8 * Free virtual field trips: Skype in the Classroom: https://education.microsoft.com/vikingquest * Paid school speaker bookings: http://www.schoolspeakers.co.uk/speaker-listings/sarah-weldon
Harvest AssemblyQuick View

Harvest Assembly

This PDF file can be printed out for the children to read at whole school assembly. The powerpoint presentation can be used for school assembly or for discussion in class. It is suitable for KS1 and could be adapted for KS2. It is suitable for interdenominational schools. It includes readings, the word HARVEST broken up into separate letters representing various words associated with harvest, a poem and a short prayer. The main themes are:- Saying thank you to God, to farmers,to fishermenand to fruitpickers. Sharing with others Thinking about God as creator Taking care of God's world.