The Enormous Turnip story resource pack- Autumn harvestQuick View

The Enormous Turnip story resource pack- Autumn harvest

A great story pack to accompany the story 'The Enormous Turnip'. Great to use with your Harvest theme. Includes: Large colourful characters and story props- these would be great on a display or are good when laminated and velcro added to the back for the children to use on a flannel board Small characters and story props- these are great for table top play and also great when laminated and stored with the story book or included in a story sack Story word cards- these are useful to add to a display or to include in a writing area A coloured A4 story word card- great for the children to use when writing about the story Black and white pictures of the characters and story props for the children to colour or collage Colour face masks of the different characters- great for role play and retelling the story Black and white face masks of the characters in 'The Enormous Turnip' story A game based on 'The Enormous Turnip' story- collect the different vegetables to plant in your vegetable garden A colourful matching pairs game with pictures from the story Finger puppets to colour and make- great for retelling the story and including in your story sack Black and white pictures to sequence of the story Various worksheets about 'The Enormous Turnip' Question cards to encourage the children to think about the story and what happened in 'The Enormous Turnip' story
Harvest Assembly/Performance Poem: The Harvest Red CarpetQuick View

Harvest Assembly/Performance Poem: The Harvest Red Carpet

Celebrate Harvest with this performance poem parade! Hosted by Dingle Dangle the Scarecrow, the harvest of cereals, vegetables and fruit are celebrated as they walk down the red carpet. Well known Harvest songs can be performed at any point during the assembly to compliment this performance poem/parade.
A Harvest Poem 'It's Harvest Time'Quick View

A Harvest Poem 'It's Harvest Time'

A fun poem for children of any age, easily fits to actions and owing to repeated phrases and simple rhyme pattern is easy to remember. Good for assemblies or Harvest festivals!
Black Harvest by Nigel GrayQuick View

Black Harvest by Nigel Gray

Close reading type questions on background information to the play, and on each scene, group activity on characters,, quote sheet and essay plan
Harvest poemQuick View

Harvest poem

I used this poem for an assembly, not sure where I got it from, was not written by me so certainly cannot take the credit!! I have also added the posters that children can hold up. Topcis also included: classroom display.
The Harvest Bow by Seamus Heaney- Poetry Analysis (CCEA A Level)Quick View

The Harvest Bow by Seamus Heaney- Poetry Analysis (CCEA A Level)

This detailed 20 slide PowerPoint has been developed to assist teachers in delivering a detailed analysis of Heaney's "The Harvest Bow" to Literature students. There are detailed questions that prompt critical stanza-by-stanza analysis from pupils. Each set of questions enables pupils to focus on identifying and analysing poetic methods (AO2) and strengthening their understanding of the poem. There are detailed and focused analyses of each stanza, focusing on poetic methods (AO2) to supplement the initial notes taken by students. Also included in this document: -Context on Seamus Heaney (AO3) -Context on The Harvest Bow (AO3) -Pre-reading tasks -Initial reading questions -Questions on the Theme of Family and Tradition
Harvest Assembly and PoemQuick View

Harvest Assembly and Poem

This is a Harvest assembly which can be used to explore what Harvest is, why we celebrate it and how it is celebrated. It also includes an acrostic poem where children can get involved. There is a link to a Harvest song which can be used for a class/school to sing along.
Harvest AssemblyQuick View

Harvest Assembly

A class assembly script and powerpoint, used very successfully by my year 5 class. Easy to adapt and update. Please leave feedback.
Continuous Provision plan for the topic of Autumn or Harvest EYFSQuick View

Continuous Provision plan for the topic of Autumn or Harvest EYFS

A mind map of continuous provision in EYFS for the topic of Autumn/Harvest. It lists ideas for everyday provision in each area and how to enhance it linked to Autumn/Harvest. It also lists the skillls that the children will be using and developing in each area. Ideal for displaying on your planning wall as well as adult support to set up areas.
A Harvest StoryQuick View

A Harvest Story

This PDF File and presentation will be very useful to KS1 as an assembly idea or as a class story linked to fables as there is a moral in the story. The two characters in the story are a spider and a little bug, the setting is in a cornfield. The bug warns the spider that the farmer will be coming soon to gather the crop. I won't tell you the rest as I don't want to spoil it for you! The story is adapted from one I read and I have rewritten it myself in child friendly vocabulary. There are a set of discussion questions which will be good for talking and listening sessions after the children have either read or heard the story.
Harvest Presentations BundleQuick View

Harvest Presentations Bundle

This bundle contains 3 presentations about harvest, perfect for using in assemblies, RE lessons or history lessons. The 3 presentations are: What is harvest? Harvest around the world Thanksgiving
Harvest Hoe Down - a new song for Harvest AssemblyQuick View

Harvest Hoe Down - a new song for Harvest Assembly

Here's a KS1/2 Harvest song in a country style. It is written to have a line dance in the middle of it - you could do 'The Funky Cowboy' as demonstrated in the video, or get the children to create a 'Harvesting Line Dance' with digging and reaping actions. If you don't fancy the line dance, simply repeat a verse or write some lyrics of your own. There is a vocal demo, a backing track, a score and a set of lyrics.
Harvest by Jim Crace - Revision guideQuick View

Harvest by Jim Crace - Revision guide

A revison guide for Harvest by Jim Crace. Includes: Mark scheme Example response from AQA website Text overview from AQA website Chapter summaries Structure activities Key extracts with guided annotation opportunities
Harvest Around the World PresentationQuick View

Harvest Around the World Presentation

A 20 page presentation that describes harvest celebrations around the world. It covers Thanksgiving in the USA, rice festivals in Asia, the Jewish festival of Sukkot, the fruit festival in Thailand, the moon festival of harvest in China and the yam festival in Ghana. Perfect as part of a lesson or for an assembly for children aged 4 -11.
Ted Hughes - Harvest MoonQuick View

Ted Hughes - Harvest Moon

Designed to accompany the Ted Hughes poetry anthology for CIE AS English, but will be appropriate for any senior study of the poem Harvest Moon. This lesson introduces students to the idea of simplistic rhyme, encourages students to consider the connotations of the title, suggests useful vocabulary and language techniques for the poem, sets comprehension questions, explains the speaker and situation, gives relevant contextual detail and looks at the overall message of the poem.